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May 19, 2024

America First Agenda!

Abortion: Let’s Get a Grip!

Let’s get a grip!

Stop decrying the Supreme Court! Stop the Hysteria! Use your Civics lessons people!

There’s been a bunch of posts that seem to miss some key points about the impending announcement of an overturning of Roe v Wade.  Which is surprising, considering the supposedly learned individuals. So, Let’s get a grip!

Here’s from the perspective of a history teacher. Take it or leave it.

In history, Supreme Courts have overturned each other – repeatedly.  It’s not as uncommon as the media would like you to think.  Here’s the obvious case of one Court overturning another.  The Plessy Vs Ferguson decision which created a Separate but Equal and allowed Jim Crow to Flourish under Democrat Controlled States in the South.  This was overturned by Brown vs Board of Education which had a fourth Republican President,  Eisenhower, sending troops to the South to enforce desegregation.  


Support Federalism!  The POWER OF THE STATES! Let's Get a Grip!
Support Federalism! The POWER OF THE STATES!

As far as what the draft document says, and it is a draft – not a decision, it doesn’t prohibit Abortion.  It places it back into the hands of the states – which is commonly known as FEDERALISM! Our system of government is a Self-Government.  Not a dictate from an oligarchy.  The tenth amendment puts that which is NOT the place of the Federal Government, by the Constitution, as the responsibility of the states. 

As stated before, this process of putting it back into the states is called Federalism.  With fifty different sets of laws you can live and work in the area of the country that comports to the way you want to live. 


The complaint then is that it creates a checkerboard set of laws across the country.

So what! Just take a look at the number of regulations and laws from CA, FL, PA, NY, AL, AK, NJ, OK! Massive checkerboards!

We have lots of checkerboards already in place across the fifty states. THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED from the start!

You want abortion or don’t want abortion in your state.   Do what you are supposed to do on all topics in a self-government.  Convince your neighbor to agree with you, advocate for your position.  Bring it to the voters and convince them to agree with you.   If you are unable to convince the people in your state – don’t demonize them.  Move.  Move to one of the states that encourage your position.


Part of the American Experiment into self-government requires respect for other opinions – especially if they disagree with you. 

We can debate the morality here, who is morally right or wrong.  That’s fine.  Just remember, that overturning Roe doesn’t prohibit Abortion.  It only puts responsibility back onto the state and the people to make this decision.  If Roe v Wade is overturned it will actually make America more democratic.  Instead of leaving it to an oligarchy to decide if something should exist, it is now determined by the people.

Again, if you believe that Abortion should exist or believe Abortion shouldn’t exist. It is your right to go about to convince your neighbors. Get a vote on it and eventually turn it into a law – one way or the other. Let’s Get a Grip!

Class Concluded. Go and make peace with each other!