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June 12, 2024

America First Agenda!

May the 4th = Screw NJ Resident Day!

May 4th isn’t May the 4th Be with you!   It’s how you screw NJ Resident Day. 

So tomorrow’s the day.  The day we give up plastic bags. I’m going to weigh in here because – well because someone should. The plastic bag ban has been applauded by many as a sure fire step towards saving the environment.  Over 100M to many many more plastic bags are used in whatever time the political pundit wants to claim.  

Plastic Bags Banned May 4, 2022 in New Jersey by the “King of East Coast Chic” Murphy!

However, did you know that there is a process called Pyrolysis which allows you to recycle these bags.
Don’t believe me.  Check out the LINK below – it talks about getting 80% fuel back from the bags.  
I know!  You are asking why isn’t the government doing this instead of banning bags. Well, in NJ there’s this guy called the “King of the East Coast Chic!”  His name is Murphy.  And he’s the governor.  Well the Governor is planning on spending over $400 Million (cause we know it’s going to go over budget) to build a wind farm off the coast of NJ.  


Follow the money. 

Who benefits from this Wind Farm?  NJ Residents?  Or the individuals making decisions that get Corporate Donations from Windmill makers? Wouldn’t it be better to encourage a private company to come into the state to create this process and turn NJ into a FUEL producer?  

Wouldn’t this help NJ Residents? 

 Sure, it might lower the cost of gas.  
Sure, we wouldn’t have to ask murdering regimes like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Russia to produce more oil!  
We could move towards Energy Independence – AGAIN!
And we could get bags out of the environment – after they are used.
We could get away with Tax breaks for this company or making NJ gas pumps guaranteed $2 less at the pump.

AND, it wouldn’t cost NJ Taxpayers $400 Million + to build.  
Wouldn’t that help the poorest of NJ residents who can’t afford $4.00+ gas.  Wouldn’t that help ALL Americans?
Don’t expect it anytime soon.  Instead, expect the King of the East Coast Chic – who sends his servants to the store to shop – to not care about the NJ little guy.  Instead, it’s how do you screw the NJ Resident Day tomorrow.

As promised here is the link discussing the process to turn plastic bags into Fuel!