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March 21, 2023

America First Agenda!

Voter Fraud? Or Just Miracles out of Nowhere?

This isn’t meant to be a conspiracy theory.  I feel I should state that at the beginning.  This is just me doing what the Corporate News Industry hasn’t done.  They’re too busy celebrating and condemning party politics instead of looking at the numbers and asking the difficult questions.  This is meant to be a dig at BOTH sides of the aisle. 

Here’s some interesting – unalterable facts.  

Between the 2005 and 2009 election Jon Corzine managed to lose votes in EVERY county in New Jersey (See insert).

2005-2009 Election Cycle Difference. In comparing the numbers between the Election of 2005 (Corzine vs Forester) and 2009 (Corzine vs Christie). The numbers indicate a clear loss of votes for Corzine (the incumbent) while a surging Christie jumped in ALL the counties from Foresters performance in 2005.

Between the 2017 and 2021 election Phil Murphy managed to GAIN votes in all but four counties.  Many of these increases were in the DOUBLE DIGITS – the highest in Camden County – 24,761 votes or 39.03% (See insert).  

2017-2021 Election Cycle Difference. In comparing the numbers between the Election of 2017 (Murphy vs Guadagno) and 2021 (Murphy vs Ciattarelli) The numbers indicate that Murphy’s number increased by significant percentage points (against historical trends). The numbers indicate that Ciattarelli’s numbers also increased (in line with historical trends)

Miracles out of Nowhere?

I don’t think we grasp the miracle of Phil Murphy’s re-election.  While Corzine lost 24% of the vote in Monmouth (20,515 votes), Murphy gained 13,335 votes or 16.92% from his 2017 election.  The miracles don’t stop there.  In Bergen County, Murphy jumped 16% points from 2017 (19,496 votes) while in Corzine’s case, Corzine dumped 10.5% or 14,933 votes.  These miracles pepper the state. See the Insert above for guidance.

“In 2009, Corzine lost votes in EVERY COUNTY! In 2021, Murphy lost votes in 4 counties. Many of the gains Murphy made in the 17 other counties were in the double digit percentage points (See Insert)!”

I’m not suggesting that there were any fouls here.  I want to make sure that I am not suggesting any shenanigans from the Murphy campaign.  I am not suggesting that there were dead people voting, or that the mail-in votes made it easier to cheat the electorate.  

To think that Phil Murphy could do what President Barack Obama could NEVER DO! Obama never INCREASED his numbers (Nearly all across the electorate) during his re-election bid! This is NOTHING short of miraculous.  Obama NEVER reached the heights of his first election in 2008 again.  For that matter, neither did Christie, or Bush. The ONLY person who managed to do anything like this was Reagan in ‘84.  And it’s clear that the reason that Reagan was able to create his miracle was from a booming economy, low unemployment, burgeoning business and a failing Soviet Empire.  Murphy managed to do what Reagan did. Yet, Murphy did it with a failing economy, higher taxes, higher unemployment, threats of more taxes, increased illegal immigration creating competition for jobs, higher crime, Mandates on masks and vaccines, Critical Race Theory along with Gender Bending in our schools and a more restrictive business environment. Will miracles NEVER Cease?

Is it MORE than just a Miracle?

So, let’s be honest some more.  This is a MIRACLE of Voter FR*-  – I mean Voter Success!  I would never insinuate Voter Fraud or that there was something fraudulent or rigged in an election cycle that is running in the face of history. Who would do such a thing? I wouldn’t dare suggest election malfeasance when voters seemed to reject the policies of the “progressive” politicians across the state and nation, while re-affirming Murphy.  It would be “unconscionable!” I wouldn’t dare suggest any election fraud when prominent democrat leaders were voted out of office – nationwide and here within NJ. 

Yet there are inconsistencies!

In the 3rd Legislative District of New Jersey, in the last election cycle Senator Sweeney faced off against a Republican who had the full backing of the NJEA.  This is the same NJEA that gave Phil Murphy a full campaign bank account in 2017 and in 2021. Why would the NJEA support a Republican against the Democrat Senate President? The reasons are myriad, but boil down to the fact that the NJEA and Sweeney just don’t like each other. 

In the last election cycle the Republican, Fran Grenier (filled with NJEA dollars) could just BARELY dent 40% of the vote (41.24% or 22,336 votes). While Sweeney yanked 58.76% or 31,822 votes.  Today, Sweeney lost to a Trucker who spent about $2300 for his campaign. Ed Durr, the GOP candidate, gained 32,497 votes (52%) to Sweeney’s 30,268 votes (48%). Let me emphasize here: DURR spent $2300.00 to win. Not $1.1 Million that Grenier spent or the $2 Million that Sweeney spent. If you listen to the leftist pundits, Sweeney’s loss is explained as a demographically changing district towards Trumpism.(?)  In the last two election cycles prior to 2017 (2013 & 2011) the Republican opponents did better than Grenier by getting 44% and 45%.  I think someone is lying – or reporting incompetently (  Maybe there is something else at play here?

This is NOT a Conspiracy!

I’d like to remind you that between 2009 and today, NJ LOST a Congressional Seat because of a population decrease.  What’s amazing is to see the numbers JUMP up so high in an off election year for an incumbent who has so much baggage. This is a decade after the population shift and while it has continued to shift. It’s like the people who voted simply “materialized” out of nowhere.  Or a Printer? Or a Cemetery? 

So I ask you NOT to use this article to promote conspiracy theories.  Instead, let’s see what the “professional” pundits will say.  I’m sure we can trust them to give us a nuanced set of reasons why Murphy has defied history, national trends and a growing economic calamity.  After all, in the end, it’s probably Trump’s fault.  

The skeptical person might just ask. Why did certain democrats not get the “special” help that Murphy clearly gained from?  You know those miracle votes.  If you look at the numbers, Jack didn’t get ALL his votes from the 3rd Legislative District.  As it turns out the 3rd Legislative District is compromised primarily of Cumberland and Salem Counties. What’s interesting is these are two of the four counties where Murphy dropped numbers (Salem -1,077 or 13.87% and Cumberland -1,986 or 12.76%). No gain, just drops.  It’s almost as if those who didn’t fit the ideology of certain political types – I mean didn’t have the luck or printer or miracles – had to be removed from elected office.  I wonder….  Do you?

To check my facts (something you don’t see the News Organizations doing) here are the links to ALL the websites I researched my numbers and information from.