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March 22, 2023

America First Agenda!


Afghanistan and the China Connection

It is clear that Joe Biden or his handlers knew what would happen when troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. Today we explore the Biden’s, Afghanistan and the China Connection. We know the Administration knew of the coming collapse of the Afghan Government because of this quote from from Military Times.

“In March, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction warned in congressional testimony that despite billions spent on fortifying local security forces in the war-torn Asian country, “Afghan security forces are nowhere near achieving self-sufficiency, as they cannot maintain their equipment, manage their supply chains or train new soldiers, pilots and policemen.”

LINK to Military Times

The administration knew that the weak government of Afghanistan and the army protecting it would collapse. Why did they allow this to happen?  We know the administration isn’t altruistic. They don’t give a damn about our kids, or the violence in Afghanistan. It wasn’t for humanitarian reasons.  Look at how the Taliban are already oppressing the women of Afghanistan.

I think it has to do with that good old friend and business partner of the Biden’s – CHINA! 


Here’s some maps (take a close look at the Xinjiang Province of China. It is located on the WESTERN edge of China. Notice the small spit of land that touches the border of China (at Xinjian Province). The is a country called Afghanistan!

Afghanistan and the China Connection - A map of Afghanistan, Xian Jian, Tibet and Mongolia.

Who lives is in Xinjiang Provence? It is home to the Uyghurs. The Muslims who have been resisting the Chi-coms. Refusing to give up their religious beliefs. These Muslims are the same people who have been put into concentration camps by the Chi-Coms. When these Uyghurs are locked up their apartments and houses are sold to Ethnic Chinese. This sale gives the Ethnic Chinese the Right to sleep with whoever lives there in the apartment. Yes, meaning the Muslims wife and children.

Afghanistan and the China Connection! A map of China and the Xian Jing Province

Who are the Uyghurs

The Uyghurs are a built in group of insurgents. The Uyghurs are connected to the Province of Tibet. Tibet’s back door is India. I don’t think I have to detail the abuses to the Tibetan people. Recently, the Chi-coms have been going after a third group of minorities in China, the Mongols of Inner Mongolia , which is to the Northeast of Xinjian Province. This to has caused Mongolian Chinese to fight back.

What this adds up to is that Afghanistan was the backdoor to China. The Eastern coast of China is the Heartland of China. This is where their industry, farms and commercial centers. The West and the Province of Manchuria are the natural resources that they need to power their economy. This is a “supply connection” that has been built up to connect Pakistan with the East of China. Consider it their Route 80, or the transcontinental railroad of Asia. Keeping things flowing to feed the Chinese industry is a necessary component for China.

This is especially true if they are looking over the horizon at a confrontation or even war with the United States.

Achilles Heel of Chi-coms

The Achilles heel of China is (was) through Afghanistan. We know that this hilly region would be ideal to sneak weapons, food, personnel and anything else an insurgent movement might need. We also know that if the US utilized the tribes of Afghanistan to infiltrate these Chinese Provinces that America would have “experts” in mountain infiltration at their disposal.

The Uyghurs are a forced labor force. They mine the heavy, Rare Earth Elements that power Chinese global competition. The Uyghurs work in these factories. These factories are a cornerstone of Chinese money making enterprises. This slave labor fuels the NBA, Nike and other international companies product lines. These product lines make the Chi-coms a boatload of money to fuel their military build up.

How would a collapse of American Power in Afghanistan benefit the Chi-coms?

The supplies coming in from the Persian Gulf region via Pakistan are vital to China. These supplies travel directly through Xingjian Province from Pakistan. The factory, mining operations and concentration camps are within these regions of oppressed Chinese. Keeping this route open is of vital importance to the Chi-coms. Afghanistan in American hands risks this position.

The region to cover of Xingjian Province , Tibet, and Mongolia together is about 1.6 million square miles of land. To put that in perspective that same amount of land here in the United States is the top ten largest states: Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and half of Oregon – all combined! In essence, the Entire Western region to the Rockies, plus Texas and Alaska is equal to these three Chinese Provinces.

A Military Option

I’m not a military person. I never served and didn’t do staff work as some of my friends have. However, it is clear that a landmass this size isn’t going to be controlled by a few thousand soldiers. At the height of the Iraq War we had a 170,000 troops. Iraq is one tenth the size of these three provinces of China. Iraq is covered by uninhabitable desert! Traditionally, it takes three soldiers in support to maintain a soldier in the field.

Is it a stretch to suggest that a 1.7 million Chi-com troops would have been tied up in the Western half of China? Nope! They would probably need more.

Remember the VITAL nature of the supplies traveling from the Persian Gulf over the landmass of Asia. If the US decided to shut this route down, feeding an insurgent force in this region would be easy. America fought the best traffickers in the world for twenty years. We could utilize them to do the same against China.

The Chi-coms couldn’t allow this!

The Chi-coms couldn’t allow this! This route would become vital if the US decided to shut down the oceans and deny China access to the seas. Pipelines are very vulnerable to explosives. Railroad bridges are weak when faced with C-4 because they collapse when weakened. The Chinese army would face the same problems we faced in Iraq and Afghanistan, times 10!

While we were in Afghanistan the Chi-coms would have to watch their back door, Afghanistan, if they decided to go after Taiwan. The US could do covert operations to help the Uyghurs, Mongols and Tibetans to start an uprising. The draw on manpower and resources to Western China would hurt the Chi-coms in their efforts to control the South China Sea and take over Taiwan.

As long as America controlled Afghanistan or had a friendly government in place there, there was a threat to Chi-com dominance.

That is all gone now!

I know this is a conspiracy theory!

We know that the Chi-coms are NOT reactionary.

This was a strategic move by the Chi-coms, not reactionary!

We know that the Chi-coms think strategically.

We also know that the Chi-coms think that everything under the Heavens is Chinese. Regardless of where it is in the world.

So, it might be a conspiracy theory. But it’s closer to fact than fiction. We know that Biden is incompetent. Yet, we know the Biden family isn’t stupid and is more interested in making money than in doing the right thing. This all looks like a payoff for China.

What other reason could there be for Biden to have given up Afghanistan the way he did? Especially, if Afghanistan would be in the hands of our enemies. These are the same people who bombed our bases and set IED’s to attack our troops. Early reports have the Chinese filling the gap within Afghanistan. Of course they are.

One last thing…..

President Trump wanted out. And had made plans to get out. Yet, he had made plans to keep an American Friendly government in power. President Trump would NOT have done what Biden did. President Trump would not have jeopardized American strength. We know this because President Trump faced this decision several times during his term of office. And he didn’t screw it up like Biden did.

It is true that President Trump had been talking about pulling out of Afghanistan since 2016 and that he didn’t do anything careless or recklessly – as Biden did this year. When President Trump moved towards getting the troops out. He paused to reassess the situation.