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March 22, 2023

America First Agenda!

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Let’s ask the question. How does this have to do with Governance of the Greatest Country in the World? Does this advance anything but make an administration that half the country is disgusted with – look even worse? Sure, it’s pretty hard to become more disgusted with an administration that is sliding deeper and deeper into totalitarian governance.

Let’s ask another question – which is really the obvious one. Does this make ANYONE want to go out and get the vaccine (which is the stated purpose of the creation of this video). I’d be interested in knowing how many of you ran out to get the shot after you saw this. Or, perhaps this would turn you off from getting the shots.

If this administration is this incompetent – Thank God we can credit the Trump Administration for getting Operation WarpSpeed Completed on time. Of course, incompetency runs in a party that endorses the idea that Government is a god and can solve all of the worlds problems.

So how are “Your tax dollars at work?” They’re used to propagate stereotypes, using pseudo comedy/comedian as a model. Your tax dollars at work? Not working to better our society. This video should make you question how much time the administration has extra.