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April 9, 2024

America First Agenda!

Wisconsin Election Fraud!

Question: How do you keep your party in power?

Answer for a Democrat:  Make sure that it is LEGAL to have election Fraud in your next election

Answer for a Republican:  Make sure that election reform happens to prevent Election FRAUD!

Corruption from Democrats and Reform from the Republicans!  This is the message we get from Wisconsin this week.  Do you remember the Time Magazine article back several months ago.  The one that was the home of the “Shadow Campaign”.  You can read the article here.  It breaks down just how the Left Colluded to Steal the Election! Perhaps you heard about Plouffe’s book Citizens guide to beating Donald Trump. He broke down the strategy that they followed for their “SHADOW CAMPAIGN”!

“America was kicked out of the Counting Room and a Billionaire was invited in.”

Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project

What we know is that a significant part of the plan was to alter the ballot procedures. The primary goal was within the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Any other state was a bonus, and because of COVID they had that opportunity (Conspiracy Theory or not, it certainly was fortuitous for the Left to have this opportunity – JUST at the Right Time!). The article from Time clearly lays out how the various groups of the left worked together to subvert the election process. What they call “fixing” is really called election interference. 

“Corruption from Democrats and Reform from the Republicans!”  


We find more election interference from the privately funded group of Zuckerberg – the Center for Tech and Civic Life.  A group handed half a billion (BILLION) dollars to subvert the election process in 2020.  The Center for Tech and Civic Life used the half a billion dollars to fund their election interference by “granting” state and local election governments around the country money.  The grant called for these state and local governments to alter the election process to fit the demands of the Center for Tech and Civic Life. All the state and local organizations had to do was subvert the election process for them.  We’ve covered this in some detail already, but here’s the link for the curious. Remember, the US Constitution requires that the State Legislature be responsible for setting the guidelines and rules concerning Federal Elections – NOT the local Election Board, State Board of Elections or the Courts. When organizations such as the “Shadow Campaign” actively subverted the electoral process in this way they subverted the Election!

For example, the Center for Tech and Civic Life’s money went to add Drop Boxes for Mail-In Ballots. In the Biden flavored areas they put out mail in boxes to the tune of one every quarter mile while in Trump regions the boxes were dozens or more miles apart.  Imagine if a state allowed more boxes in the white neighborhoods and less boxes in the minority neighborhoods. What would the outrage be? Shouldn’t we be outraged at ANY ATTEMPT to Subvert the Election? Regardless of which party is put into the disadvantaged position? While this subversion happened in places such as Philadelphia and the surrounding precincts, in other areas the entire process of elections was taken over.  In Madison the head of elections was replaced by a plant picked by the Zuckerberg organization.  This is only the tip of the proverbial Ice Berg!

“I am vetoing this bill because I object to restrictions on local governments potentially using supplemental funding for election administration,” the Democrat said, alleging that the bill would impose unnecessary restrictions on the use of private funding.

Governor Tony Evers (D-Wisconsin)

As Phil Kline of The Amistad Project pointed out; “America was kicked out of the Counting Room and a Billionaire was invited in.” Court cases recently have been going for President Trump in regards to election fraud. Yet, you won’t hear about them in the mainstream media. Surprise, Not Surprised!

In the same state that Madison was forced to give up their head of the elections (Wisconsin) there is a legislature that is pushing back against the abuses of the “Private Funding” groups such as the Center for Tech and Civic Life.  No surprise, the legislature is controlled by Republicans (Both Houses).   They passed a bill to stop private funding.  You can read about it here. The Democrat Governor Evers Vetoes the bill.  Why?

Because if you are a Democrat and want to be in power – you continue with voter fraud. If you’re a Democrat you protect the fraudulent methods used to continue the corruption.  If you’re a Republican, you want to institute election reform to make sure the law is followed. Thus we have the answer to what is going on in Wisconsin!  Corruption from Democrats and Reform from the Republicans!   

Keep an eye toward Wisconsin.  There are a handful of other bills headed towards the desk of the Corrupt Governor.  You will be able to see the corruption first hand and from the front row!