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July 20, 2024

America First Agenda!

Cities Don’t Matter to Democrat Elites!

Black Minds Matter.  Black Babies Lives Matter as do ALL Minds and ALL Lives Matter! Yet, what we’ve learned is that Black Minds Don’t Matter and Black Lives Don’t Matter  to those in charge of the big city schools and cities.  Let me explain…

There’s a story out there.  A young black man goes to  his Elementary/Middle/High School.  The family and friends expect this young man to grow up educated and knowledgeable.  Then one day in the future he ends up going off to college. 

This is all a fallacy for youth in our cities – across the country.

The fallacy rests that the young black child will be educated!  

They’re not getting educated.  Not even closely. Where is the outrage?

In places such as Asbury Park, NJ students are given a 64 Floor option.  This means that students who never do work in class will end a marking period with a minimum of a 64%.  When passing is 60% or 65% then students are passing with one or no assignment turned in.  There’s no incentive to complete work.  Graduation is guaranteed when student attendance isn’t taken until 11 a.m. Why show up to class before 11 a.m.?  

The “genius” who came up with this plan later became the Commissioner of Education in New Jersey under Democrat Governor Murphy.  The Commissioner was asked about this policy and his rationale – 1) Teachers used grades as weapons against students they didn’t like and 2) because of racism and creating an “equal” outcome for the student. Yet is it equal?  Hell NO!  This isn’t equality. This is systemic (used the way it is supposed to be used) failures of the Educational System.

WE Discuss the details of this in our Video Below from our Show!

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Take Camden City School District in New Jersey.  One percent of the population is white.  The graduation rate is up in the 75% range.  The proficiency for ELA (English Language Arts) is in 2018-2019 set as a high of 16.7%.  Note that the latest data is the 2018-2019 school year due to Covid and the lack of testing in 2019-2020 school year.  Yet, these numbers shouldn’t be shocking or considered unusual.  We said it was a “high” because in the 2017-2018 school year it was 14.1%.  There’s no data on Math, but the annual target was 14% in 2017-2018 and 17.7% in 2018-2019.  

Camden’s not alone.  The numbers for the previously mentioned Asbury Park High School.  A drop between 2017-18 and 2018-19 in ELA from 21.8% to 16.5%.  For Math, a solid improvement of .5% in between the two school years – from 14.2% to 14.7%  Good news though, accordingly they met their target.  Let’s hold off breaking out the champagne. The target percentage in 2018-2019 was the same number they had achieved in 2017-2018.   Despite these scores, students in Asbury Park in 2019 still had graduation at 82.1%.   How can a school graduate this percentage when less than 20% can do Math or Read and Write?

Check the DATA Yourself- Click for the Link!

This destruction of our children has become the normal way of doing business in the cities.  Why?  Why is it normal? Why hasn’t it changed? 

Why do Black Minds Not Matter to Democrats?

Here’s some of the answers why Democras think that Black Minds Don’t Matter.

You can draw your own conclusions as to why, but here’s how it happened.

At the start of the Welfare State was the inception of the Great Society. There was a strong movement to move all students, but especially those who lived within the cities, away from Trade Schools and into colleges.  Colleges that have jumped in cost and uselessness. We have a debtor nation of college graduates who postpone having kids to pay this bill. A strong movement away from Trade Schools also set up graduates for failure. Many students who would have done well in the trades were convinced to try college.  Many weren’t made for college.

The reality is simple. College is not for every graduate.   A trade would be more suitable for many graduates.   Children are not identical manikins..  This isn’t about financial, this is the thinking process that some of us go through.  Yet, our educational institutions, that have known this for decades refuse to acknowledge this simple truth.  Why? There are only five ways into the brain to learn – the Five Senses. Some students work better with different senses. And brains are diverse. Diverse in abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Meanwhile, the schools in the cities that are failing our students aren’t even able to prepare them to live in the real world.  Nearly sixty percent of all students aren’t proficient in ELA.  Less then fifty percent of all students in New Jersey aren’t proficient in Math. Which state ranks the HIGHEST in the nation in education in the USA? New Jersey!   What does that say about the state of education in the country?  What it says is that the educational system, as established, has failed our students.  The promise of education is a failure under it’s current model. 

All Minds Don’t Matter! 

Yet, there are good districts in the country that excel.  It’s not because of White Supremacy.  It has more to do with the model of education.  What is taught in the schools? How it is taught? What is the commitment of faculty, administration and family of the children?   Sometimes that commitment is lacking in one or multiple groups. As we review the cities we can recognize that they have become so expensive. Where are the problems? Education requires strong leadership, which is lacking in city schools. Education requires schools to be in touch with the families, yet the districts aren’t. Laws written in the cities have the effect to cause more damage to the family and create the modern political prisoner, the Black Male!   These actions do not protect the citizens of the cities. They harm them.

Students in the cities struggle to learn if their main focus is avoiding trouble on the streets. It’s hard to compete against survival. Short term survival is more important than long term success. The streets of the cities aren’t safe because of the policies of those in charge. Try living in Chicago, the largest outdoor shooting range in the country.


What happened to the union jobs that many in the cities have? What happened to the good paying jobs that were to be found within the cities.  A hundred years ago, those living on the farms moved to the cities to find good paying jobs.  The factories, warehouses and other industries were thriving within the cities.  Those buildings are hollow ghosts killed by Democrats and global elites.  The local elites made it harder and harder for the factories to stay while global elites cut the deals to send jobs overseas.  Democrats working together to screw the common man and woman.

Minority families didn’t stand a chance in the cities controlled by Democrats. This is especially true after the creation of the Great Society.  Notice how these programs broke up the black families. The Great Society encouraged mothers to remain single. The family unit was devastated. Prior to the Great Society Black families had the lowest divorce rates. After the Great Society, it had the highest amount of single mothers. WHY? We learn about this in the in depth review of the time by the movie Uncle Tom, produced by Larry Elder. It took the responsibility of black men in raising their children and transferred it to the government.  Big, failed government helped to create a system in which children had less supervision, less direction for young children and a breakdown of the nuclear family.  Replacing families with government is a central tenet of Marxism.

“Police Brutality”

What about “Police Brutality”? We should first examine who is making these laws.    Who is creating the variable sentencing guidelines?  Who is responsible for their actions?  The local elites of the cities. Those in charge of the Government of the cities.

First, the individual breaking the law is always the one who is responsible for what they are doing.  The concept of personal responsibility does not exist in the lexicon of the legal system.  However, laws in the cities are structured to create criminals out of law abiding citizens, especially those seeking to own guns to protect their families. To be clear, we’re not suggesting this is true with those who are buying and selling drugs – they should be arrested. However, good amounts of police resources are used on minor useless infractions instead of stopping the real violence. The same Democrats in charge of the cities are the ones making the laws and these same Democrats are the ones who are empowering the District Attorney’s to prosecute the law breakers.  Which leads us right back to who is making the laws to prosecute and endanger our children? The Democrats.

Racist Gun Control!

As an example.  The Constitutionally protected right to bare arms is a singular issue for Democrats to attack.  Democrats have made it a law that gun ownership, carrying a gun or use of a gun for protection is illegal.  The prosecutors in Democrat heavy areas prosecute gun owners far more than not.  True, some criminals using a gun to rob, rape or murder someone should be prosecuted.  However, the citizens using or needing a gun to protect themselves are also on the chopping block of Democrats.  

Cities controlled by Democrats are monopoly’s. This includes nine of the top ten cities in our country. What’s to stop them from instituting any education reform?  What’s to stop Legal Reform?  What’s to stop Reform of the local Justice System? The answer is NOTHING!  Yet, you won’t hear that whispered among the elites. It won’t be discussed in the media. It goes against their mantra of Hate America First. 

Next time you hear a Democrat Pandering to the Media, Minorities or so-called Marginalized group or hear BLM complain about police brutality ask them if Black Minds Matter.  The answer to these groups will always be the same.  THEY DOESN’T MATTER!  Only maintaining power and control is important! No lie is to big for them.

But WHY?

The Civil Rights Era

Who paid for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advocating of Civil Rights.  We know he traveled across the Country.  He and his team organized marches and protests, pushed the Civil Rights Agenda to the forefront of American Discussion.  How did he do it?  With Money!  This required a lot of money to finance. That helped.  Someone had to pay for the hotel rooms, press reporting and organization.   However, who donated to make this change happen?

It was the Black Middle Class!  What? Never heard of that in the 60’s?  There was a Black Middle Class in the 60’s.  It consisted of – plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, electricians and the rest of the trades.  

How could this be?

Would you expect a white man to be working for a black family in the 60’s?  Nope!  Who would work on the houses of black families?  Who would work in the segregated areas of the North and South? Black tradesman!

The money the black father made, donated to the church or shared with the civil rights movement was created by black entrepreneurs who built their own businesses. This black middle class fueled the Civil Rights Movement.

Who would want to stop it. Why the Racists in the Party in Charge of the Cities – The Democrats!   How could you possibly stop this movement, prevent a future movement, or cause it to stagnate. 

Step 1: Take away their ability to support the Movement.

Step 2: Take away the size of the movement by making sure Abortion Clinics are placed inordinately within the zones of minorities.

Step 3:  Give a false idea that the only way to have a future is through a college degree, this only creates another class system.  

Who benefits from this type of system?

Who created the system that destroyed black families?

What group supported the ruination of the Black Middle Class that formerly had the lowest divorce rate in the country?

What group advocates for the program that has the highest number of abortion clinics within the minority sections of our country?

Which group has the power to reform our schools, laws and justice system, yet doesn’t?

Answer these questions and you have figured out the real enemy of the minorities in our country!  Answer these questions and you will find out who really thinks Black Minds Don’t Matter and Black Lives Don’t Matter!