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July 18, 2024

America First Agenda!

Gottheimer’s S.A.L.T. Problem!

Let’s break down the Hypocrisy of the Democrats and specifically two leading members of the Democrat Party, Congressman’s Josh Gottheimer and Bill Pascrell.  This won’t take long.  

“Josh Gottheimer won’t really defend Israel against the bigotry in his party, and he won’t defend the American Taxpayer!”


Recently both individuals made much to do about the Democrat Tax plan in New York to create “Congestion taxes” for traveling into NYC.  Of course Congestion taxes are dumb, as are many other taxes.  We agree!  

This is where the Hypocrisy begins.

Gottheimer claims he is against “mooching” from taxpayers. That the mooching is just this Congestion Tax (as if the billions taxed by government isn’t also a mooch)! Sadly, he and the Democratic Party at Large are the REAL MOOCHERS!  Especially the tired old white guy – Moocher in Chief,  who sleeps in the White House with a person he thinks is his sister.  

The So-called NJ-5 Congressman (So-called because we’re really not sure if he represents the 5th District or his Corporate buddies on WALL STREET/Chicago or any financial interest out there!) and famed Clintonista Operator wants to repeal the SALT DEDUCTION CAP.  WHY? You ask.  

First, we have another question. What is the SALT DEDUCTION CAP? The Short Answer is that it is used to help those who PAID higher taxes!  It helps the wealthiest of us.  Despite what the So-Called Congressmen say – it does NOT help the Middle Class the most. So, don’t listen to the lie.   Why is Josh still standing on this false premise? Because Josh is Unable to Stand up to his Party!

Let’s break it down more simply for those on the left who are blind to truth. Those who ONLY believe Democrat Talking points.

So let’s answer the question as to WHY they REALLY want to Repeal the SALT Deduction CAP!

There is a problem in New Jersey and the other high taxed states. Their taxes are too damn high! That’s the truth. This isn’t about us and them. This is simple common sense. The amount of money tied up in government pockets is enormous. These high taxed states have high amounts of regulations. These high taxed states have vast numbers of “peasants” fleeing the state to better economical situations in other less taxed and less regulated states.

It’s Called Common Sense. It’s a problem for the Democrats. When Josh Gottheimer runs into a problem what’s his solution? More Government interference. The SALT DEDUCTION should be translated to – Give government your money and hope you get it returned. WHY? Josh is Unable to Stand up to his Party! Why are we giving money to the government in the hope of getting it back? Because it helps to build the size of government? Because it makes you (Looking at you Joshie) appear as if you are “Fighting for Taxpayers” when you claim “MOOCHERS”? Cause Josh, you are NOT fighting for taxpayers by removing the Cap. You are for big government.

Again I ask the question: Why are we giving SO MUCH money to government in the first place?

Yes, the SALT Deduction helps those who are the wealthiest in the state. Yes, the SALT Deduction helps Josh’s Cronies – the Gottheimer’s, Tusk (Gottheimer’s brother in law), BLM Leadership, Sherrill, Pascrell, Murphy and the other political cronies. And it doesn’t help the average New Jersey taxpayer. Yet, Josh is Unable to Stand up to his Party!

Josh Gottheimer and Bill Pascrell want to continue to keep us as the suckers paying higher taxes so that their cronies get a tax break!

The average person, you and me, don’t have a Property Tax/State Income Tax that goes over $10,000.  According to WalletHub, New Jersey has the highest property tax in the nation, topping out at over $8,000 on average, still below the $10,000 cap.  The next state less then New Jersey is Illinois at $4,400. 

Why not just force the state to lower Property Tax or Income Tax? Do away with state mandates and lower the cost of education! Why would Josh want to confront his friends in his party?

After all, the state is run by his party – the Democrats. Democrats have the Governor’s chair, control of the Assembly and the State Senate! Yet, instead of these very powerful Democrats trying to knuckle the state Democrats to create NECESSARY TAX REFORM in New Jersey. They want to pass the bill off on you and me. Let you and me continue to pay HIGH STATE TAXES while their cronies get a tax break! Josh is Unable to Stand up to his Party!

Makes sense, – we know Josh Gottheimer has a history of padding his own nest! Putting himself first – as all politicians do. Why should we be surprised now? Josh is Unable to Stand up to his Party!

Having trouble believing that the removing the SALT Deduction Cap helps the wealthiest of us? Well, according to SmartAsset  the wealthiest are the ones who benefit the most from removing the SALT Deduction Cap. This is because they’re the ones taxed at the highest rate.

Gottheimer and Pascrell just can’t relate to Average America!

Josh Gottheimer and Bill Pascrell live on a different plane of existence than you and me.  The SALT deduction helps them.  It helps their friends and leftist rich buddies! It helps those who are donating to their campaigns.  

Most Importantly, it DOESN’T Help you in the same way that it helps Gottheimer/Pascrell and all their associates.  

What would help you and me.  REAL TAX REFORM!  New Jersey Tax Reform.  Meaning, cutting taxes, the size of state and local government and the damn mandates from the state.  Education reform combined with Tax Reform! Do you hear Gottheimer/Pascrell talking about that?


And you won’t.  Despite the claims that Photo-Op Josh is a Moderate – he’s not.  Gottheimer/Pascrell will say, rightly, that they don’t vote on those things.  Yet they do have political pull.  They have the power to weigh in on it. Josh won’t, he is Unable to Stand up to his Party!  If Josh can weigh in on the projects along route 80, if he can say something about the murdering of thousands of seniors in the senior centers (and he hasn’t said enough) then he can weigh in on the tax burden pushed on us by his party.  Even more, how about relieving some of the tax burden from the Federal Level.  That he does vote on and he has direct access to those in the budgetary process.  Yet, Josh has been AWOL.   Why?

“Josh Gottheimer and Bill Pascrell want to continue to keep us as the suckers paying higher taxes so that their cronies get a tax break!”


The Shrinking Flower of Josh Gottheimer

Joshie’s failure to STAND UP TO his party is a common thread. We see this in his decades of carrying the political water for his party. He didn’t want to hold his patrons – the Clintons accountable. He stood by the Clintons throughout their multiple scandals. Josh won’t shut down the strongest critics of Israel, that he claims he will defend. He won’t attack those Democrat Congressman who call for violence in the streets. That’s because Josh doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to them. He’s cowardly in the face of his own party.

He will never truly attack his own party. We know he will never publicly call out the haters of Israel. He’ll be glad to meet with them, and give those who HATE ISRAEL a hug, according to this report. Sure he says he disagrees with the bigoted and hateful BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanction) movement. Yes, he is willing to play patty cake with avowed haters of Israel. If this guy won’t stand up for Israel why would we ever expect him to stand up to his party about taxes? He meets with members of the faction that is seeking to implement BDS as a policy of America and plays NICE NICE with them!

The answer is clear. Josh Gottheimer won’t really defend Israel against the bigotry in his party, and he won’t defend the American Taxpayer against the ABUSES of HIS PARTY!

He posts big glaring comments like: “FIGHTING TO CUT TAXES AND RED TAPE”  Yet, where.  There’s never any explanation other than his desire to help his cronies who make over 250K a year.  I don’t know many firemen, mechanics, essential healthcare workers or other middle class jobs that pay that well.  I do know that Banker, Hedge fund/Stock Managers  and Lawyer jobs pay that well.  

And so we can conclude that So- Called Congressman Gottheimer and So – Called Congressman Pascrel really lack the connectivity to the community they live in.  

Then again, what do you expect from Politicians?