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December 9, 2023

America First Agenda!

Fighting for Freedom and Protecting the Vote!

Before Tuesday Sussex County residents faced the prospect of having someone who has demonstrated, repeatedly, his disdain for law and order. A disdain that targeted one of America’s Most Sacred of Institutions – Voting!  Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Republican leadership, Joe Labarbera, Alex Majewski, as well as myself and many others of like minded individuals attended the Board of Elections to discuss their concerns.  Our concerns?  It’s simple.   Election Integrity and the hate filled posts of Sussex County Poll Worker, Michael Schnackenberg.  

First Schnackenberg:  Schnackenberg is a poll worker in Sussex County, NJ.  He is infamously known for his repeated hate filled posts on social media.  His misogynist attacks against women, his threats to destroy the government combined with his slurs against local citizens has shown a track record of hate that has yet to be condemned by the Sussex County Democrats.  

The Sussex County Democrats continue to try to cause disruption and smear the County Commissioners.  It should be no surprise that the Sussex County Democrats seemingly have unequivocally backed the hate filled rhetoric of their spokesman in chief .- Michael Snackenberg AKA – The Sussex County Informer/Snitch (rhymes with….)! We’ve written about the Snitch here and here.

The Board of Elections for Sussex County need to step up and ensure the safety of our electoral process by shutting out these hate filled individuals from being a part of the voting process.  No individual who has demonstrated such a track record as Michael Schnackenberg should be allowed to be a poll worker.  Think of the unhinged behavior at the voting booth, the damage it could cause there?  As a community, we must be stronger than the hate of those like Michael Schnackenberg.

We know that Sussex County Democrats (Links here) would like you to believe that there is a racist behind every tree in the county. They do this at the instigation of the larger Democratic Party.   The party that endorses hate and violence continues to push the false narrative that the Bias Hate Groups in New Jersey and across the nation are of Republican origin.  Where is their outrage for Schnackenberg?  It’s absent!  Why?  Could it be that they are the real haters?  Could it be that the leadership of the Sussex County Democrats and Statewide party are the haters?  Could it be they’re the ones pushing the bias?  Why would they do that?  Why would they erroneously claim that Republicans are biased when they haven’t denounced Comrade Schnackenberg?

As to Election Integrity.  What is not known by many is that the Center for Tech and Civic Life was operating in the 2020 election campaign at the direction of the Zuckerberg’s.  Spreading nearly half a billion dollars to influence the vote in America and tip the scales against President Trump.  The Zuckerberg’s and others did this by giving money to nonprofits, specifically the Center for Tech and  Civic  Life.   The Center for Tech and Civic Life, an alleged non-profit would then give out grants to regions of the country in an effort to influence the vote.  Many of these agreements require specific stipulations. These stipulations often violate the spirit and law of the constitution and many state constitutions.  

In Sussex County NJ, there was an acceptance of Grant money.  The specifics have not yet been determined.  However, if you click the link here and scroll down to row 1625 and 1626 you will clearly see Sussex County NJ as recipients of grant money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life.  This is a concern for all of us who value our vote and the integrity of the election process.  We hope to find out what was part of this agreement.  When we find out – you will find out! 

You can find out if your community accepted funds by clicking the link here and learning more about the Center for Tech and Civic Life here

Meanwhile, if you have a concern about either the problems of a poll worker who spews hate or election integrity in Sussex County and want to encourage them to do something about their hiring process.  Here is the Contact information for the Board of Elections Chief Clerk Administrator: