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June 14, 2024

America First Agenda!

Let’s start by saying the Ballistic Patriot condemns all Hate Groups, specifically all White Supremist groups such as the KKK, The Democratic Party, the National BLM Organization, ANTIFA and Planned Parenthood.

We need to address the Bias 2019 Report of New Jersey.  We have to remember that this report is being driven by very partisan individuals.  Governor Murphy, the Woktopian/Dopey-Utopia Left and Democrats have a narrative that they push on a daily basis.  Americans are bad, white people especially and that the only way to combat this evil is to demonstrate just how evil America really is. Yes, this narrative.  However, the narrative doesn’t end there.

Those on the left seek to damage the credibility of their political opposition. The plan of attack has everything to do with them claiming racism and bias is around every corner. Especially in places that are Republican Red. In New Jersey for example, prominent and not so prominent Democrats like to claim bias or racism. Democrats like Congressman Gottheimer use it as a political ploy. This narrative is part of the plan to attack Republicans – because they are Republicans. Politics at its worst. Using people’s emotions, pain and suffering for personal political gain. What kind of a person does this? A political creature seeking their own advancement? A self-centered narcissist such as Photo-Op Josh Gottheimer. Why do this?

The answer is simple, because they cannot win a debate on the true nature of racism. They cannot hide their own culpability in damaging race relations and their race baiting. They don’t hate Republicans. They hate that Republicans stand for America while they (The Leftists) stand for attacking America! They hate us because they know we are right and they are wrong.

The narrative of the NJ Governor, the left in general but specifically those seeking what has been called “racial equity” is one based on a Marxist ideology.  For years now we have witnessed this Marxist ideology play out in the streets of our cities.  If those supporting racial equity are willing to burn and destroy our cities, then wouldn’t they also be willing to manipulate data to fit their narrative.  The narrative isn’t one of equality, but one of systemic racism.  Claiming an overwhelming number of bias acts fits the narrative they are seeking to fulfill.  Evidence of this desire is found within the AG’s own directive. He has police officers going on fishing expeditions when the investigation can’t confirm bias.  This is after 16 questions and 6 guiding motives used to determine bias.  There’s even a repeated phrase within his order that says: 

“Some suspected bias incidents may not clearly fit the described definition.”    

What?  Then how the hell does it actually get classified as a biased incident? 

Recently, across the nation there have been reports of increased acts of bias.  Looking into the data presents a different review then what is told to us.  One of the leaders of this narrative has been the state of New Jersey.  It has created an entire apparatus around bias crimes, including a yearly review that drives into details unlike few others across the country.  Listening to the pundits, such as AG Grewal and Congressman Gottheimer would make you think that there is a bias incident every minute of every day and a white supremacists hiding behind every tree in the state.  This simply is not true.  To prove it, I decided to do a deep dive into the actual data and factors involved.  

Before going into the numbers we need to understand the hidden mixture within the formulas provided by the state.  The state report, organized by the New Jersey State Police and Director Rachel Wainer Apter makes clear that there has been a rise in bias; as noted in the most complete and latest report of 2019. Director Apter states: 

“In addition to a sharp increase in individual acts of interpersonal bias, especially against members of our Asian-American community, COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated systemic inequalities in the United States. And the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd laid bare our country’s continued struggle to address systemic racism. For all of these reasons, there is, rightfully, a renewed focus on rectifying systemic racism and other systemic biases that continue to plague our society.”

Page v Bias 2019 Report

The narrative here is clear and direct.  Systemic Racism and bias is a plague on our society because of these three incidents and the multiple data points of other data demonstrated in the report.  

What isn’t mentioned is the problematic points of the data gathering and the manipulation of this data to prove a false narrative.  

Data Gathering:

On page four of the Bias 2019 Report is a page titled “II Defining Reported Bias Incidents”, we see a complicated mixture trying to identify what makes a bias incident reportable.  It leads you to believe that all incidents reported are vetted to be real bias incidents.  It does this by cutting and pasting from the original order sent out by Attorney General Grewal.   The problem is that it doesn’t tell the whole story about how the data is gathered and processed.  It lists as a source, Attorney General Grewal’s order.  The order is much more clear in it’s approach to claiming any suspicion of bias is an incident of bias. You can see the order here.  

On page 10-11 of Grewal’s order there is a section called “Guidelines for Confirming Bias Incidents”.  After which is a section on determining motive, six guidelines and an accompanying set of 16 very thorough questions to assist the Investigating Officer.  

These questions dive into the depths of a motive and really leave no stone unturned.  The problem here comes after the 16 questions, a paragraph that reads: 

“If after applying these criteria and asking the appropriate questions, a suspected bias incident cannot be definitively determined to be any other type of incident or is a borderline case, it should be treated as a bias incident for continuing investigation purposes.”

page 11 (Grewal Order)

This section alone is enough to ensure that all data gathered is slanted towards a narrative.  Let’s translate this: “If you can’t find enough evidence to prove it’s bias – report it and treat it as bias anyway.”  Or, “If there isn’t enough information to prove bias after your investigation, keep fishing.” The report also details that any case treated as a bias incident must be reported and documented. This is materially wrong.  It is constitutionally wrong and it is morally wrong.  How often were these reports passed up the chain when all factors involved said that there wasn’t evidence to claim a bias crime?

Feel free to review the questions.  Unlike the report, I won’t seek to hide the language.  As a reference some of the questions ask about “copycat” incidents from the news, or previous incidents from the perpetrator.  Questions 13-16 provide the basis for intelligence gather and read as follows: 

13. Were the real intentions of the actor to commit a bias incident or were there other motives? 

14. Does the actor have a true understanding of the impact of the bias incident on the victim? 

15. Was the victim put in fear due to the incident? 

16. Did the victim feel threatened due to the incident?

Pg 11 Grewal’s Order

The perpetrator is guilty until he/she is proven innocent.  Due Process be damned.  As long as the narrative is satisfied? 

In AG Grewal’s order there are 29 times in which he references the phrase:  “Suspected or Confirmed Bias Incidents”  Yet, this isn’t said once in the final 2019 report.   Instead, we are led to believe that the data provided is directly connected to the high numbers of incidents of bias and that every incident in the report can only be an incident of bias.    This is a lie. 

The Numbers:

There is a real possibility that bias incidents have increased.  However, the number crunching done here has been so corrupted to fit a narrative, that the report becomes worse than unreliable.  It becomes a lie.   It sets back truth and creates a corruption that hurts the true understanding of bias.

Ignore all the fancy graphs and decorations. Instead, let’s dive into the numbers.  Specifically, we will start with page four of the Appendix.  This page is called BIAS INCIDENT OFFENSES/CLEARANCES/ARRESTS 2018 / 2019. It has the bias incident type, the number of offenses, the offenses cleared, percent cleared as well as the number of arrests broken down between adults and youth. 

We know that the number of offenses means anything that is even suspected of being an incident of bias (including that which doesn’t have any proof).  If you total all the numbers up you will get to the actual number that has been bandied about, 994 incidents of bias in 2019.  However, if you drive into the offenses cleared the numbers change. Cleared in this case means the number of people that have been connected to a crime.  It has been described to me as follows:  If you have ten break ins, and have eight suspects then you have eight cleared cases.  Harassment has the largest amount of Incidents.  The number of incidents reported is 421 for the year.  The number of incidents of harassment cleared is 201.  You would think this is horrible and good at the same time.  There were over 400 incidents but at least they have almost half the number of people that they can identify.  Yet, the number of arrests for harassment is not 201.  The total number of arrests for harassment in 2019 was only 28.  Yes, 28.  Of those 28, 7 were juveniles and 21 were adults.  These are broken down in the report between adults and children (This is another problem, but we’ll get into that later.). Which means, these 421 incidents of bias really translates to 28 crimes of bias.  This is punishable under the statue N.J.S.A. 2C:16-1.

So of the 201 incidents that were cleared – only 28 were crimes! That mean 173 incidents weren’t really incidents of bias. Someone may have felt that there was bias (clearly since it was reported as such) yet it didn’t meet the very low threshold to be considered a Bias Intimidation crime. These are arrests, not convictions.   

Half of the 421 incidents didn’t have a perpetrator.  Is it possible that the other half had those who are guilty of bias? Sure!  Most definitely!  Going with the data already shown, we’d have to say that it was far less then originally told to us.  Instead of 421 maybe 56 in total (28 * 2).  Of which 42 would be adults and 14 would be juveniles. 

Let’s look at the year totals then.  There were 994 incidents for the year.  Those cleared, the ones that have a perpetrator attached to them was 342 or 35%.  The number of arrests from that 342 incidents was 92.  Of that 92 arrests 64 were adults and 28 were juveniles.  The total number of incidents for the 2019 year is 276. Far below the 994 pushed in the narrative of American Hate. The narrative pushed by the Leftist Media and Organizations such as Antifa, BLM and the Democratic Party.

Stop!  This is ludicrous.  I’m sure that there are a number of those on the left who are sitting there, prepping their articles of hate.  Go for it.  Prove me wrong.  The truth is you can’t. You can’t prove me wrong.  The reason is because the data is corrupted by the methods of gathering and organizing the data.  The clear narrative placed in the instructions by AG Grewal tell law enforcement to hunt and find any “SUSPECTED” form of bias and treat it as real.  This doesn’t help us find actual facts.  This helps to build a narrative.   What if you found no incidents of bias?  Do you get a call from the AG’s office asking why you didn’t find any?   I wouldn’t doubt it.

These are real questions you won’t get answers to. Or you will get attacked for asking.  

More on the Data:

There’s more to the data.  More that helps add to the horror of the larger picture.  The larger picture is that Juveniles are being used to augment the Woktopian narrative.  As referenced above, Juveniles make up one third of all incidents of arrests for bias incidents. Within the data, they make up one half of offenders. One has to take into account one major thing about juveniles, Juveniles aren’t adults. This is ignored within the narrative of the report.

Juveniles aren’t adults.  There are plenty of dumb adults.  Those who should know better then to commit a bias crime, yet still do.  However, that can’t be truly said for kids.  Kids are unprepared, and ignorant of right and wrong.  How many times have you heard “The strangest things that kids say.” from a parent.  Many may know better but not have any control over themselves.  Their runaway mouth or impulsive reactions get the better of them.   

For decades we have indoctrinated our children in New Jersey Schools.  Curriculums that go against hate.  Rules and laws such as the HIB (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying) law which not only provides that our children should be protected from these, but also educated to NOT do these things.  Our curriculums preach tolerance and acceptance of other groups.  Our schools push, and push harder to keep the school climate a healthy one for education and is pushing the fight against hate.  This has been going on in parts for decades.  Enough so that those graduating from high school today have been thoroughly indoctrinated to these beliefs. 

Despite all of this, our children under eighteen, are still responsible for nearly one half of cleared bias crimes in 2019. 

One final piece of data in regards to age.  Later within the Appendix of the Bias 2019 Report we see page 11 which breaks down the age groups of the victims and offenders.  Under the Offenders column, the total number of offenders is listed at 386 total.  Of those who are 17 or under the total number of offenders is 176.  If we include the 18-20 crowd the number of offenders is more than half the total number of 386 offenders.  We have to ask, are these age groups representative of the entire state of New Jersey or are they representative of young, brash individuals who don’t know completely the consequences of their actions, the damage they are causing or simply lack the self control necessary to be considered adults.  The answer is, they’re kids.  Even if the 18-20 year old’s are taken out of the equation.  It’s still a number very close to half of those who committed suspected bias crimes within the state.  

The 651 incidents that don’t have an offender attached to them (as identified on page 4) gives us no real idea of the incident other than the ambiguous definition from the list. Here’s the thing about the 651 incidents that have no offender.  According to the Attorney General’s report the process of gaining information is complex and complete.  So the obvious question to ask is what happened in these 651 incidents that don’t have an offender attached to them.  After all, these are the majority of incidents.  Yes, the Bias 2019 Report breaks this down into what types of crimes were committed.  This isn’t enough.  How do we address these issues if we don’t know the types of behaviors that are going on? If we don’t know the details we can’t fix the problem. With the low success rate of those incidents that an offender was attached to, lead us to wonder how many of the other incidents would have lead to an arrest.   

Putting them into the public eye will help identify a perpetrator.  Won’t it?  Isn’t that what we do with the press? Call on them to help us identify someone or who for more information about an incident?  Why Not release the reports.  


I’d like to say that the numbers as presented are enough to give us the facts we need to act.  However, they simply don’t.  There’s no real way to tell with current data, under these circumstances if these numbers are true or not.  We don’t know what are the other influencing data being put out.  We don’t know what “suspected or confirmed” really means because when we dove into the orders from AG Grewal we can see a clear slant towards pushing a narrative of higher bias.  

One solution is to produce all of the reports filed.  Allegedly, the data that created this report has a file for each of the 994 suspected incidents.   Half of those numbers for harassment that weren’t cleared.  Why weren’t they cleared?  What was the incident?  What about all the other uncleared incidents?  Is it possible that those “incidents” were found to be real bias?  If so, how? Under what “common sense” guideline?  We don’t know because the reports themselves haven’t been released.  

The impression you should take away from this document isn’t that there hasn’t been bias crimes or that they aren’t out there.  What you should take away is this report is really the product of a narrative and not the product of facts.  In the seeking to solve a problem, the Attorney General and those on the left sought to make a problem to fit their solution.  

Let’s look at consequence of these faulty report numbers. The consequence, at least immediately, has been for resolutions to be passed against white supremacists and other “hate groups”.  Nothing wrong with that.  Except, in the process of doing this, the Woketopians, Grewal, Gottheimer, and Pelosi ignore the other racists and extremists groups from the left.  They have sought to demonize those who are asking questions about these resolutions.  The solutions that have been proposed are tests of individuals who have attended President Trump political events, posted Pro-President Trump things on social media or spoken out against the government and election fraud. 

In Sussex County New Jersey, a collection of the woketopian intersectional groups banding together to attack and force a resolution against white supremacy, ignoring their own hate and bigotry.  They are joined by their less than esteemed Congressman, Josh Gottheimer.  In a moment of hyperbole rhetoric he attempts to attack the commissioners of Sussex County by claiming that there is bias and hate behind every tree in the county.  (He doesn’t use these exact words, but he suggest that hate is on the rise in Northern New Jersey). He sent a rather perfunctory letter to the Sussex County Commissioners.  It can be read here. We say perfunctory because we’re wondering what exact thought he was hoping to drive home.  It seems he shows concern towards the residents of Sussex County when he makes pronouncements such as: “Extremists present a real and present danger to New Jersey families.”  Meanwhile, Gottheimer ignores the extremists who have burned down our cities costing thirty lives, billions of dollars, the defunding of police and the ancillary deaths of hundreds.

So, we decided to dive down into the numbers of Sussex County, which is also broken down within the Appendix of the Bias 2019 Report.  The total of bias incidents in 2019 in Sussex County  is 14.  The largest number of which are under the Harassment column (6).  In the preliminary 2020 report, this total jumps to 30.  However, there is no clear indication on what these incidents were or who committed these incidents. 

When it comes to politicians we only have two rationales for their choices of hyperbole.  Rationale one includes that they are too ignorant or trusting to look into the data themselves.  Or the other end of it, that they don’t care what the reality is, as long as the narrative fits their own agenda.  You decide, because they’re different sides of the same coin.  

One of the many dangers here is that we attempt to fix one problem while ignoring a far larger problem.  Our country faces a multitude of problems.  The narrative of racism pushed by the woktopians is just a narrative.  There is bias, and hate. The majority of bias and hate has been coming from Democrats and woktopian groups. They have destroyed cities through riots and Democrat leadership. There is no other country in the world that has ripped itself apart and put itself back together in a manner that provides more equality, greater opportunity and freedom on a scale never seen before in history.  

Is our country perfect? Nope! We still have problems.  Cities run by Politicians who imprison minority men.  Politicians who keep the poverty to prison pipeline alive for their own selfish political ends.  The leaders of these cities destroyed the city schools, ensuring only the rich and wealthy are able to send their children to “good” schools while the minority and poor have to suffer in schools that don’t educate or even indoctrinate well (Look at the data in the Bias 2019 Report).  These city destroying politicians are the same ones who are using the narrative to scapegoat America First, Trump Supporters for the disunity in our country. 

Those on the left seek to demonize us and our country.  Wrongfully demonize America and Republicans.   The Bias 2019 Report talks about Floyd, Taylor and Arbery as if this is the outcrop of a nationwide problem.  We’ve just proven that the “national problem” is the narrative that has been pushed by politicians and intersectional woketopians.  A narrative not founded in facts, but founded in the manipulation of data to coerce the national dialogue.  This manipulation plays into the hands of those on the left and our own enemies.  Countries such as China, Iran and North Korea are in the wings echoing the same dialogue as BLM, Antifa and the Mob of the Left.  America is evil and filled with systemic racism. Meanwhile, these countries echoing American hate groups commit massive crimes against humanity.  I hope the left is proud of their actions.  They’re flying low cover for these criminal countries.

This report is Debunked! Or more directly, sent back to their seat to review the numbers.  Keep the politicians and the woktopians out of the way of real data.  This report only hurts the real problems our country faces.  Just as three individual outcomes doesn’t symbolize our country we shouldn’t allow misreporting to do the same.