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July 15, 2024

America First Agenda!

The Failed Informer: Keyboard Warriors Unite!

Here’s some food for thought:

To the keyboard warrior who runs this Facebook page that you are all believing to be a “truthful Informer”.  He’s so thorough in his research, that he got debunked by one of the followers of the page. A simple Google Search proved the keyboard warrior wrong on the school I work. Lazy reporting or just another example of a lie or – Both! So, keep on believing him. 

Meanwhile, None of you who passed on the smears or attempted to attack me bothered to reach out to me. You could have messaged me yourself to ask if these accusations were correct? Or you could even look at the video he referenced. Speaking of which: Where’s the link, does the keyboard warrior not know how to put a hyperlink into a post when he accuses me of being a misogynist?  Why? Because it is a lie?  Yes it is. A flat out lie that has no basis in fact other than the simple workings of the mind of a keyboard warrior. Still, no one here bothered to check or reach out to me. Even some of you who should know better didn’t bother.

As for the flag, if you had checked, you would have found that the “flag I was wearing” was in fact a scarf, as some people wear flag shirts I wear a flag scarf.  This scar was given to me by my wife.  I wear it when I go out because she can’t be with me when I am going to campaign events.  If you had bothered to reach out or check, you would have known this.  Yet, it’s easier to believe the smear and not do the due diligence – as the keyboard warrior here didn’t bother to do.  

I get why he couldn’t contact me through messenger, after all the keyboard warrior lied to you again about this.  It was he who blocked me.  As you will note, after his profanity laced comments accusing me of being someone else, he then blocked me from sending a message. (I’ve left the Profanity in because I suspect I would have been accused of doctoring it if I didn’t!)  Note from the image that I have NO OPTION to UNBLOCK him.  I’m still blocked. 

The only thing that worries me about this message is that my battery was down to 43% – Keyboard Warrior I dub you a liar!

My relationship with the county GOP is an absolute lie. However, I guess in this perhaps you are projecting your own relationship with the County Democrats?  I’m not their subject. I’m not bitter. I lost. It’s a fools errand to feel butt hurt because I didn’t win. You assertions are just another smear from a never will do. If you had bothered to call me you would know my position, but just as the bad fake journalists at the papers across the country, you go with the smear instead of checking facts.  

So Keyboard Warrior, I gave you a chance to retract your lies and filth.   You are correct that you are protected in your first amendment – against public figures definitely.  However, you are NOT protected to tell lies about anyone.  Public figures or otherwise.   

So, instead of going through the rigmarole of a court case, that I suspect you are very familiar with, I have the perfect solution. 

I challenge you to a civil debate.  A public civil debate.  A chance for you to put up or shut up.  That’s it.  FYI, for those of you who will miss this because I’m sure the keyboard warrior will delete it – I plan on posting this on my own website:

The unfortunate part of this is that there are many good hearted people who would agree with my positions. Yet these attacks focus only on hating me and not understanding those positions.

Best of luck keyboard warriors!