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December 7, 2023

America First Agenda!

The War with China!

The coming war will be a fight between the world and China.  The real question is how much of the world will the Chinese Conquer before the world gets their act together. 

This is containment on par with the US Foreign policy against the Soviets.  It is the only major model that will stop the Chinese before they begin to attack and take over their neighbors. 


The Biden Administration is compromised and we can’t expect Biden to defend America or defend our allies. The farce of the Biden Administration is that it allows American Diplomats to get fooled into getting anal swabs.  Of course the diplomats didn’t say anything, they don’t want to upset Biden’s masters.  

For the first time in decades we have an opportunity that may be lost if something isn’t done now.  The countries surrounding China are nervous and concerned that they are going to be next on China’s lunch menu.  Under President Trump the four major players in the area, the US, Japan, India and Australia were working towards a deal of mutual protection.  This would isolate China in a way that needs to happen.  This four way deal would eventually be expanded to include South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and probably Taiwan.  

This would have made a strong alliance similar to the NATO alliance against the Soviet Union. China’s allied “big” power players include Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran.  Yes, not big at all, but they would still provide a counterpoint, but more in line with the countries of Eastern Europe.  Committed, but incapable of committing or potentially providing a soft underbelly for future mutiny’s.  

In the fifties to the late seventies SEATO (SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization) was formed and then later dissolved.  It’s mission was to counter the growing threat of Communism in the region.  At the time only two Asian countries joined, the Philippines and Thailand.  Today, there would be a much stronger desire for this organization to exist because of a surging China.  

This alliance requires America to be a major player. These powers are strong individually, however they’re not in cooperative agreements. The US has the ability and the rational to make alliances and maintain these alliances, if it weren’t for the weak and compromised nature of the Biden Administration.

China has threatened and is gaining more and more ground in controlling the South China Sea, a strait of water that has nearly 80% of the world’s trade passing through it.  It is unacceptable for this to continue.   Worse, China has already pushed around the Philippines, and Taiwan.  It has gone to war with Vietnam Twice and on the other side of China there has been incursions into India.

When challenged by the international community about their human rights abuses. China continues to use a smokescreen to justify these crimes. They use the phrase “Internal Politics” to continue their genocide against the Uighurs, the organ harvesting from live political prisoners, the anti-religion and human rights abuses that have become the cornerstone of totalitarian China.  They are continuing a drive to eliminate Mongolia as an ethnic group.  They trap their citizens in security traps.

Yet, the Biden administration sits on its hands.  On day one Asterix Biden repealed an order from President Trump which prevented the Chicoms from getting their hands on our electrical grid.  Biden has kowtowed to the Chicoms in the past and he is doing it again.  

Since the outbreak of Covid, the countries around China are ready for an alliance.  However, they need a strong partner.  The ONLY partner that would be able to do this, to unite the factions is the United States.  Our power projection can help provide protection, as can our nuclear umbrella.  

This doesn’t have to develop into a war.  This is containment on par with the US Foreign policy against the Soviets.  It is the only major model that will stop the Chinese before they begin to attack and take over their neighbors.  Mark my words.  They will begin doing this soon.  

Unlike Kissinger and other broken foreign policy analysts, I see that China, contained will eventually crumble on itself as the Soviets did.  This means that our two economies need to be separated.  We need to not have major trade deals with China.

In combination with containment, we need to recognize that our trade deals can only be done with countries that share our values.  This isn’t religious, this is those which encourage free thinking and the ideas of liberty and equality.  No country is perfect, not ours or our potential allies in the future SEATO II.  However, many have the basis to improve, and that should be good enough.  They will work to grow as we should help them grow like we have grown.  

Let’s prevent war, instead build containment around the Chinese. This is the fight of our generation. Not Iran, Syria or the Middle East. It is China! Be prepared!