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February 21, 2024

America First Agenda!

The Road Back to the White House

 On this President’s Day we discuss how Republicans can get back to the White House.

There are three fundamental items that need to be addressed in order to get Republicans back in the White House.   Sure, there are other issues we face that need to be addressed. We will never advance if we cannot work together. There are many voices out there. There are many allies among our different groups, local, county and state groups. Any issue cannot be resolved if we are not working together. These issues below are the ones that we need to work on together and that we need to overcome. We need to do that sooner, rather than later.

This fight is a battle between the Government having all the answers and the individualism that makes up the American Spirit.


Part 1: Communication of Ideas

There is a real need for the Republican Party to develop an independent model of communication.  Independent from Facebook and Twitter and any organization that could flip to the left or turn on us.  The desertion of Fox is a prime example of what to avoid.  These corporate media elites aren’t dependable when it comes to the bottom line.  They will build up or tear down anyone their masters tell them to. Developing this independent model of communications in the sphere of politics isn’t enough.  It needs to be a knife into the culture as well.

This is a key component.  We’ve allowed the left to teach our children about the permissive society that allows us to change with the current, instead of standing firm on morals.  This has allowed them to frame the debate, making abortion an acceptable part of our culture.  Hating and distrusting gun owners and demonizing responsible gun ownership.  Censoring speech through cancel culture and pushing and agenda that is based on Marxist Social Justice instead of the fundamentals of the Constitution. Their thinking that the first amendment, the entire Constitution is something that is flexible.

How do we do this??

This fight is a battle between the Government having all the answers and the individualism that makes up the American Spirit.  Our country was founded on the premise that the individual is responsible for their actions.  Today, instead of looking to yourself to find the answer or responsibility, citizens look to the government to have the answers. This is how they have allowed Marxism to grow in our country.  Stripping away individual responsibility and replacing it with a village.

Our voices can be heard through places such as PragerU or Hillsdale college, Rush, Talk Radio, Crowder and a bunch others.  Yet, this isn’t enough.  It’s unorganized and not directed, and all depends on a form of media that is harassed by the left.  We depend on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc for their dissemination.  Leftist organizations that openly engage in censorship of one political party.  They demonetize our channels and delete our accounts.  We can put it up on the websites, but their lonely dots in the sea of the internet.   Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are easy to use and access.  These new medias have to be the same, and available for all to see.

“Just as the left has schools to teach the fundamentals of Saul Alinsky’s techniques, we need to teach the fundamentals of organizing and creating groups with our values of family, God and the Constitution at their core. “


Part 2: Building Community Groups/ Group Leaders

The left has been very capable of building up their community groups.  They have been well financed by government funds for community organizing and through major NGO (non-government organizations).  These NGO’s are well funded by rich leftists who get their money through various models.

These organizations primary focus has been to build up the left agenda and draw voters into their claws.  Voter drives go with the territory of giving help and direction.  Voter drives encourage people to vote for their candidate or “You won’t be able to come back to get food like this because our program won’t exist because of the EVIL Republicans who will try and steal your food.”  or some nonsense that make Republicans look bad.

In Republican circles we are always seeking the “next” candidate.  In many times this ends up being the political elites pick. The guy/gal with the greatest access to money. Now a days we are hoping to find someone with the same abilities as President Trump.  A fighter.  We should be spending more time on finding leaders for these small groups. Candidates will follow them. In order to create these groups we need effective leaders. Throughout our country we have long term serving directors, assistant directors of parties, chairperson and committee persons, some serving decades, not doing anything but being placeholders. It’s time to put demands on them, work or be replaced. 

Quality leaders aren’t grown overnight.  These community champions need to be trained on how to organize.  This is NOT candidates schools. This is finding a subject matter to train one issue fighters, and training someone on how to organize, pull others in, create an organization in one city and expand it into other cities and areas of the country. Just as the left has schools to teach the fundamentals of Saul Alinsky’s techniques, we need to teach the fundamentals of organizing and creating groups with our values of family, God and the Constitution at their core.  These groups are based on the Constitution. These groups need to be organized to work together when necessary. Our core values are ones of faith, family and freedom.  These discussions are easy to have with anyone. There’s no difficulty and they are what we stand for as Republicans.

We also need to make sure that voter rolls are cleaned up. This is part of that “activism”.  The left wants to keep those rolls dirty because it benefits them.  If we’re reaching out to build community groups within the various sections of society, we need to focus on our core values.

Go into the Churches.  Talk about saving babies.  Tell them that we believe in School Choice for their child.  Tell them that we believe in your right to defend your family from anyone.  That the American gun owning Black Male is the modern political prisoner in the U.S.A. – because the prisons of the cities.  The Anti-collectivist league, standing up to the left Let’s target communities that have ineffectual leadership.  Reach out to the minority communities, and build this base.

Part 3: Proven Fighters for the Flank

We need candidates that are like Trump.  Someone who is a PROVEN fighter.  Please don’t explain to me how you think President Trump is “damaged goods”.  He’s not, you know.  What he is, is a proven fighter.  He has dished out and beat back the left on many occasions.  We can go into the reasons why he isn’t in the White House right now, but their not because he was fighting for you.  Not one single reason is because he didn’t stand up for us – or because he rolled over for the Left.  The person sitting in the White House in January 20, 2025 needs to be a Republican and it needs to be someone who will NOT back down to the Pressure of the Left.  This is a non-compromise year.  This is a fight for our country.  Stand up or step out of the way! And to be clear, the ONLY person that I see now or on the horizon who can fulfill this mandate is President Donald Trump.

But he/she cannot be alone.

We need fighters – plural.  President Trump went into office handicapped with those who would undermine his presidency.  He had moles who leaked to destroy him.  Those who betrayed him and those who sought the advantage of notoriety by “whistleblowing” when they only really blew through their nose.  I’m not suggesting a loyalty to the individual or party over the country. I’m talking about the individuals who simply sought power, their fifteen minutes or some type of quid pro quo for lying about the President.

We know President Trump can do this.  Look at the freshmen congress people elected this round.  They’re not going to disappear next election cycle.  Those Republicans are going to grow because the America First movement is growing.  The “I’m not going to take it anymore crowd!” has grown and will continue to grow.

Name one person out there now that equals President Trump in fighting for us. You can’t. Not yet, but these people will grow into prominence, given time.

The Vice President has to be a fighter, the Chief of Staff has to be a Ball-Buster, the leaders in the President’s direct view need to be people who can be trusted to help govern and not jump at a chance to get their face in front of the camera for a narrative that is a lie.  This means cleaning out the staffs of Congress and the White House.

The worst part of the last six months wasn’t dealing with the election loss.  That happens, we’ve been there before. The worst part was watching turncoat after turncoat turn on a President who has stood up for them when no one else would.  A guy who fought back against the Media to defend Republican values and speech.  And the best that people like Nikki Hailey, Chris Christie, Arnold, Betsy DeVos, Mitch McConnel and the like could do was abandon their champion – on the field.   Not even abandon, but attack him – rushing to judgement on him.  They switched sides. All those times that Trump stood strong in the past, only to have the truth revealed and his vindication (Russian Collusion anyone?) come through. How many times did the media and the leftists in D.C. rush to judgement about Republicans.  Calling us racists, threatening the mob to attack us, our families, Republicans gunned down on a baseball field.

Yet, not once did President Trump flinch in our defense.  NO, he stood by us.  And then these self-righteous, self aggrandizing brats turned on him and US, IN OUR HOUR OF NEED! As we sought to preserve the union.  As the media and democrats called all Republicans insurrections, branding us as traitors; who said that wasn’t true?  Who stood up for us? President Trump.  Whose mouth was shut or openly agreed? Those who I’ve mentioned and many more.

So the final ingredient isn’t just a Presidential candidate that won’t back down and is proven, just as President Trump is, but it needs to be equally tough flankers.  Those who can hit back, and cover the President’s back. 

“We need fighters – plural. 


If we can achieve those three major and difficult goals, we can drive our way to the White House.