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June 14, 2024

America First Agenda!

Why the Left should Support President Trump!

This might be difficult to grasp if you think Democrats want to “save the planet”- Correction – This will be nearly impossible. One might say that it’s going to be either painful or one of great joy.  Depending on your perspective and your ideological make up.  If you are liberal, you are probably willing to listen.  If you are a Leftist – Good Gravy, this is going to hurt!  And if you are like me, a conservative Trump Republican – You will enjoy and laugh at the Left’s Predicament!

Just to be clear, share this with your Lefty friends.  We hope to open their eyes.  And if it doesn’t -well, when they toss their phone or computer against the wall because we pissed them off. That’ll help the economy – at least.

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Here goes:

If you are a progressive and believe in Globalism you are responsible for Killing our Planet! Why? The short answer is because you are promoting Climate Killing Policies that encourage Marxism and discourage freedom!

Here’s how.  

Globalism is the idea of having an interconnected world in which trade and building enhances all players in every corner of the globe.  We have things built in foreign countries and then get it shipped here. In the process we help the economy in another country and get a “fix” on whatever product we wish to consume. This is Globalism! Boo! A big fat raspberry to you!

Just on this point alone, globalists are killing the planet.  All of the transport ships in the world create about 3% of all pollution in the world (source).  That means the ship, the crew and the fumes of all the ships moving around our oceans are transporting your grandson/daughter’s new Television from East Asia to the corner of London or anywhere via these cargo ships.  They’re collectively creating 3% of pollution. Yet, that’s not all they’re doing. Then there’s where the products came from. Often they are countries that don’t care about how much pollution they create.

If these leftists were really interested in saving the environment, they’d be pushing the America First Agenda harder than anyone, just to save the planet from 3% of the pollution, and the associated destruction in the other major polluters such as China and India. However, that’s not what the real goal of the dyed in the wool globalist is – we know this.  Here comes more.

China is the largest producer of pollution in the world. China produces more pollution than Japan, Germany, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Poland, Italy, France and ALL the Cargo ships in the world – Combined.   Sure, the US produces about half of the pollution that China makes (source). 

However, to all you globalists and Systemic Climate Change wackadoos. NONE of YOU have any say or decision on how China makes things, how much they pollute and how much they are using fossil fuels. There’s nothing that Asterixis Biden can possibly do either. That bought and paid for shill is a suck up to Winnie the Pooh.   You can have a greater influence right here in America.  In fact, you have.  We all have as we have all tried to keep the environment safe with common sense regulations.  Production of energy through cleaner forms of fossil fuels such as natural gas. 

There’s a humanitarian edge to this as well.  If you can’t see that the need to bring manufacturing back to the US, and pushing the America First Agenda is the model to save the world, then perhaps to save humanity.  

Here are some of the things we know about China and their abuse to humanity.  We know for example that the leaders of the NBA knowingly were using slave labor to make their products.  They have been silent over this.  Yes, this includes many of the stars of the league.  Over half a million slaves picked cotton in the fields of China.  These locked up Uighurs are forced to live in  these detention/work camps. We also know that every company in China is partly owned by the government of China, run by the CCP.   This is government sponsored slavery.  The NBA among other corporations have made deals with the CCP to continue this type of behavior, regardless of the growing evidence of the human rights abuses.  

As it turns out the heroes in this story are European.  Two soccer stars have spoken out against the Chicoms.  In response they have lost millions from sponsorships.  Yet, they haven’t backed down. When someone does speak out, they are attacked by the Chinese equivalent to the Clinton “Bimbo eruption” squad that responded to multiple accusations  of Bill Clinton’s impropriety with women. 

Asterixis Biden will NEVER work to stop China. He’s wedded to them. Like many Americans were pumped Chinese drugs to be addicts, and sickened by their ChiCom Virus, Biden is addicted to their money. He’s a bought and paid for politician who never give up their support. Don’t listen to his words. Look at his actions. He is not going to build our military, he’s going to hollow it out with Social “woke” Justice distractions instead of ensuring the strength of our military.

Likewise his words about the Paris Accords and other supposed Climate Change issues will NEVER become real. This is all a smokescreen. A smokescreen intended to protect the corporations who are also in bed with the Chicoms. Wake up. Asterixis Biden is not working in our best interests. He’s working in a model to protect his true benefactors -Not the American public but the Chicom Regime that he is married to.

Freedom allows for innovation. Marxism encourages tyranny and pollution. Freedom has a greater chance to fix the environment then regulations that require expensive and unusable energy technology such as wind turbines or solar panels. “I wonder how the climate alarmists expect to power the Alaskan grid in the months of darkness?” – as one example of the uselessness of some technology.

In Conclusion, if the Climate Change crowd was truly interested in “saving” America from the alleged impending doom of the collapse of our climate, then they should be implementing an America First Agenda yesterday.  They should be calling for the removal of a President who is a bought and paid for shill of the Chicoms. A guy whose son and family has made multiple billions of dollars off of influence peddling.  These lefties of Climate Change should be supporting President Trump.   As it turns out he really is a President for ALL AMERICANS!   

Like I said this will piss off your lefty friends. It’s not the intended effect, but it is a mighty bonus.  Seriously, I think we all would hope that we would have unity behind the real President who gets things done.  Who doesn’t break his promises and wants to put America First. President Donald J. Trump! 

Please make sure you sign up for updates. Going forward we will be providing more research into the perils of Solar and Wind and why Natural Gas is better and safer than Solar and Wind. Keep tuned.