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May 19, 2024

America First Agenda!

The Modern Purge!

I recently had the displeasure to glimpse again into the mind of the modern American “Progressive” Educator. While not a surprise, it is difficult to believe. Follow along on your own, here’s the article in question. Let me summarize. Anti-Democratic ideas are questioning government and those who went to Washington D.C. on January 6th. Anti-Democratic ideas are also those who believe that President Trump was right – the election was rigged. Anti-Democratic ideas are those that . These anti-democratic ideas include questioning the outcome of the election. They also include the idea that President Trump did NOT incite an insurrection. They also include attending the January 6th Rally, regardless of where in Washington D.C. you were. I think you get the picture now. One person within the article compared the America First movement with the “Holocaust”. Anything related to “orange-man” should be punished, removed from their elected office, or fired from their public position. For your political speech!

It’s almost “old hat” at this point to expect Leftists who have degrees and certificates to prove their lack of education, conceptual understanding or critical thinking skills. This is a case in point. To call for Censorship of anything is an ANTI-DEMOCRATIC ideal in itself. Certainly it is Unconstitutional, but it goes against the core principles of any Self-Government. To build consensus of the majority requires discussion of topics that you may or may not think are correct, polite, genuine or even ones that are “critical” ideas that you do NOT agree with. This is based on the Voltairean thinking expressed:

“I may not agree with anything you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Voltairean Principle

Asterixis Biden and cronies continue to talk about a “Reality Tsar”. We recognize that this will be their disconnected reality as witnessed by this quote from the article:

“Trump directed the crowd to head to the Capitol, at which point a portion of the crowd violently breached police barricades to enter the Capitol, assaulting law enforcement officers and damaging public property in the process.”


We know – clearly that President Trump was NOT calling for the assault – he said to “Patriotically and PEACEFULLY PROTEST” we also know that the entire attack on the Capitol was planned previously and that those at the Capitol Police Force KNEW that there was something violent planned. We know that the FBI and the Pentagon were both aware of this as well. Yet, all were unprepared because of Optics. This omission from their article to make a point against America First Trump Supporters is a Direct Attack on Reality, the Truth and US! Will the “Reality Tsar” make sure that the media elites correct their broadcasts – DOUBT IT!

However, that’s another article for us to discuss another time.

We recognize that these “consequences” aren’t just for those who were violent in Washington D.C. The consequences discussed in the article are for those who have political speech that doesn’t agree with the “Progressives”/Leftists. We’ve seen this kind of conversations nationally in other areas. However, it is expanding because NO ONE IS FIGHTING BACK! NO ONE IS STANDING UP to these HACKS!

Let’s dive in.

At one point, the article calls for canvassing students ahead of a crisis to identify who they would feel comfortable with:

“This is already too late,” he said in reference to the middle school teacher’s comments. “We need to look at, what do the students say, how comfortable do they feel in each teacher’s classroom? We don’t want to wait until a student has to report something or it goes viral on Twitter to have these discussions,” Akbar said.


Translation: “Tell us students which teachers to get rid of.” Is there anyone who sees potential bad things cropping up about this. Is this us, or does this sound dumber then we thought? Students picking the teachers they hate to get rid of them. I’m sure, the 10-18 year old’s will exercise extreme restrain and proper judicial boundaries when they decide a teacher is persona-non-gratis.

In an age of Cancel – I wonder if these pundits realize that they’re not wearing clothes. Throughout this all I’ve avoided discussing the very blatant and harmful projection of what these “Progressives” have been foisted on our education system for decades.

They’ve utterly destroyed the academic institutions that stood for American Education and replaced it with an agenda that praises Che, Castro and Stalin, while Condemning Franklin, Washington and Lincoln. The system they’re building has encouraged violence to suit their needs as we saw in the “summer of love” when violent radicals took to the streets to burn the cities down. Or when we have a Congresswoman who shouts out often and proudly: “We’re going to impeach the MotherF*****!” These are perfectly natural incidents of violence and aggression – completely within the lexicon of acceptability – if you are a Progressive or Leftist Shill.