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June 9, 2024

America First Agenda!

WE’RE A CULT? You’re a Clique

Ok we’re a cult.  But if we’re a cult, it’s not a cult of Trump. Trump is the Spokesman for us. He’s the one who stands up for us. He’s the one who taught us to stand up for us. Even now, he is still fighting for us, for the country we love! America. You, our political opponents in the media and the other party and the Establishment don’t get to define us.. We believe in 3 things God, Freedom and putting America First. 

We recognize by doing the last we are automatically pushing Freedom and the moral basis for which a Free people seek Liberty.  We understand that no government gives Freedom.  Freedom extends from God.  The progressives understand none of this.  Government is their God, Freedom is something to be legislated and regulated and their belief is in a Global existence where America is last.  Terrorists in Iran, Communists in China and the Corporate elites are their allies, not the American citizens.  The dupe in all this is the “useful idiots” 

Our party is based on a movement to free people.  Theirs is based in a way to enslave someone.  Democrats used to do it with chains, the more honest way to demonstrate your racism.  Now you sneak it in with your welfare state, race-conscious hate, gender rules manipulation of the media and your hatred of American values.  Is this offensive to you?  Too Bad!  The truth hurts.  

The cliques of the left are allied against us. They are cliques because they gyrate to their identifier.  The New Plastics, the leaders of the progressives, the Omar, Tlaib and AOC’s they’re the ones fighting the Old Plastics, Pelosi, Schumer and Clintons.  They’re matched by the Clique for the climate crazies, or the anti-scientists of the war on gender clique or the more numerous sycophant clique of the media.  These cliques are all backed up by the “useful idiots” that help define their ideology.  And all of this is faked because the underpinnings, the base of all of them is their hatred of America and the individual freedom we represent.  The funder and chief of all is the Corporation; Apple, Nike, Disney, Dell, and Walmart to name a few.  

Some of these Corporations are producers of products.  If they really gave a damn about Americans they would put some of their factories in the poorest areas of our cities and turn them into production hubs.  Yet, they really don’t give a damn.  Many make a profit off of division and strive for political correctness points, not doing the right thing. The right thing here is NOT to support an ideology that looks to restrict lives, but an ideology that seeks to build people up and ensure their freedoms.

What happens when Americans seek freedom and are repressed? Ask the Brits. We will take back our country. Our new war isn’t in the streets with the ANTIFA/BLM thugs. Our new war is in the ballot box. WE MUST take back the freedom to vote away from the criminals who seek to corrupt the vote with the purchasing power of the Tech Tyrants and use the courts against this essential American Right.

Stand Tall America! We stand with you!