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June 15, 2024

America First Agenda!

Trump Republicans vs Establishment Republicans

There’s only two groups here.  There are the Republicans who supported President Trump at some point and put belief into the America First Agenda. These people signed on because President Trump was able to articulate the message and the damage caused by the UniParty Swamp in Washington.  He packaged it in a way that was understandable and more importantly he had a plan to fight it.  This message resonated across party lines and groups.  It pulled  the party together to stand against the NAFTA planning of the establishment UniParty in Washington.  This UniParty was represented by Hillary Clinton.   They’re personified in the statement – “We didn’t join President Trump, HE joined US!”

Then there are the Establishment Republicans.  These are the Republicans who got on the Trump train because they had no choice.  It was either get a ticket or get run over.  The simple truth was they never believed in the America Agenda First program.  Sure, they might have thought it was okay.   Perhaps stuffy, and it would hurt their Stock Portfolio, but they recognized that their political life depended on victory and they needed the votes from President Trump’s Train.  So they joined on.   This group is personified in the statement – “We Joined President Trump because we saw we couldn’t win without his and his supporters help.”

Transformation happens, people change, grow and shrink.  Some of those establishment Republicans, after recognizing and seeing the fight that President Trump put in.  Noticing the amazing growth of the economy.  They noticed their stock portfolio not only didn’t take a hit but grew.  And President Trump grew on them.  When the Democrats declared all out war on President Trump (before he was even elected) they recognized that this guy was a standard bearer who fought back and didn’t “Romney” out of the fight.  When the Democrats hit Trump, he hit back.  

Those who were part of the Trump Republicans, we grew more upset. Watched our President fight, said prayers for him.  Got our Trump flags out and stood in front of anywhere we could as a group to show our support. While the rest of the nation feared a protest from the left, they honked their horns when they saw a Trump Flag, they knew they had a fighter.  These crowds of Trump Republicans were often joined by those establishment Republicans who either sought a vote or smoozed with a crowd of Trump supporters to act as protectors from ideological arguments from the Leftists intent on fighting Republicans.  Hell, this crowd would sometimes be filled with the likes of Romney on one or two occasions.  

So what happened?

Two things happened.  However, before we discuss these two things we need to review the make up of these individuals.  

I’m not going to suggest either side doesn’t have the necessary backbone.  Both have plenty of backbone and guts.  You would have to in order to stand up to the left.  It’s not a question of intestinal fortitude, but a question on what is it that you are willing to invest your GRIT into. 

For Trump Republicans, it’s not Trump – or at least not Just President Trump. It IS the America First Agenda and the best spokesman for this agenda. The standard bearer is President Donald Trump. It’s no surprise that Trump Republicans have stood up at MAGA Rallies after the election.  Complained about election fraud.  Demanded something be done and made a terrible nuisance of themselves.  We accept that too many people, regardless of their affiliation and if they were President Trump supporters or not – went too far on January 6.  This is the beauty of our party.  We can collectively condemn violence – even from groups of our own.  This is true even while Democrats are jumping up and down doing the same thing.  Meanwhile the Democrats go into DENIAL mode the moment a Republican opens a mouth of complaint (That’s Another Issue) about the riots they created.  

 For the Establishment Republicans their battlefield is the space right in front of them.  They’re not willing to do the fight for us or the President – despite their words.  Their not invested in the America First Agenda and could care less because – Win, Lose or Draw – The Establishment Republicans will always land on their feet.  They won’t lose their job because it got shipped overseas.  Their business won’t be force to close because of more regulations or higher taxes.  They’ll be okay because they’ve always been looking out for Numero Uno – and that ain’t you!  This is the Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell and Romney crowd. These Establishment Republicans are not centered in Washington D.C. That’s just an operating theater. There are plenty of their Establishment Republican loyalists sitting in our own state and local committees. That Republican who arranges the state vote behind one candidate. They’re picking so you – the Hoi Polloi – won’t have a say on Primary Day. They call it Vetting. We call it putting a thumb on the election scale.

To be clear, the America First Agenda is something that should be part of every elected office in the country.  Sure, the President sets the goal and makes the agreements in connection with Congress.  However, the states also have an impact on the America First Agenda.  Remember when the State run colleges were making deals with China. They brought in hundreds of foreign students and created a hundred or more Chinese Institutes around the country. Who do you think signed off on that?  The Governor had to have a say or – at least could have had a VETO power.  Let’s assume they don’t have Veto power.  They can certainly make an issue of it.  Just as any Candidate who runs for Governor, Assembly seats or State Senates.  

Yes, there are other ways that you can use the America First Agenda in your fight.  How about standing up for American Businesses and workers. This isn’t just a talking point.  The America First Agenda includes education – at least for millions of those parents who believe in taking back our schools.  The same values that you teach are the same values of the America First Agenda. Standing up for America against countries that seek to destroy  our experiment in self-government.  Making sure that we’re not being duped by our enemies and our friends.  Teaching in schools the brilliance and beauty of our Constitution and the foundational ideas of individualism over victimhood..  If you need more help with this type of fight – reach out.  Ballistic Patriot always has your back. 

The America First Agenda can be found in tax free zones or what products can and should be purchased by the state.  The list can go on to supporting or pressuring Congress and the President to stand up to foreign companies that are raping American companies and stealing American Jobs.  These are all in the BEST interest of America and puts America First before the other countries. 

This is exactly what President Trump did.  And this was why he was so successful, liked and is getting branded as THE 2024 Presidential Candidate.  You say he lost the election – Okay Establishment Republican. He didn’t! It was stolen.  Your reasons for being upset at that statement is not the only reason why you are considered an Establishment Republican. 

You’re upset because you think President Trump fighting back against the Election Fraud made you look bad.  You think he should have caved months ago. You think he was only fighting for himself. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Sure, he would gain by successfully defending the election fraud statements. Yet, he made it clear that this fight was about making sure future elections held integrity.

The list of election integrity issues are too deep to go on here, but we’ve discussed this plenty of times in other locations – go look!

But okay, let’s ask the question that was begged from before: Why did President Trump’s fighting for election integrity make you look bad? 

Could it be that the media and the Washington UniParty all got in front of cameras and microphones and yelled about evil Orange Man!  And just like that – you gave up on the President.  He no longer fit your taste.  You liked the camera and realized that every time you stood in front of a camera you would look like a fool if you stood by President Trump!  NewsFlash!  You looked like a CHUMP no matter which way you stood.  Now you look like a Chump who betrays his party for his own glory.  Good Job Chump!   Worse, there is NO evidence that this “pre-planned” attack on the Capitol was instantaneous as is claimed by the Corporate Media. According to the NYPD and the FBI – as reported by John Solomon of   – there was chatter on this event. Which destroys the narrative that President Trump spontaneously caused a spike and the riot.

Let’s ask any candidate two questions.  

1) How do you plan on implementing the America First Agenda when you win?

2) What do you say to Trump voters when they ask you if you support President Trump and/or Vice President Biden?

You know when you get your answer what kind of Republican they are.  You’ll know it not just in their words.  They’ll let you know by the oil in their voice or the passion for the fight that comes with being a Trump Supporter.  

One thing that many outspoken supporters of President Trump have in common.  We have passion for defending the America First Agenda and President Trump.  The snake oil Establishment – well.  They’re probably best trying to find some way to convert that oil to biodiesel. 

However, let’s give you a tiebreaker.

“Did you support the Impeachments or Censure of President Trump?”

You know. If they agreed with any part of that question – they are thoroughly connected to the Establishment – or worse. They’re a lawyer who likes to fiddle with words.

We don’t like word fiddlers here.