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May 19, 2024

America First Agenda!

Your Day is Done!

Your Day is Done!

We say No More!

You’ve had your chance.

Liz Cheney Romney, Mitch McConnel and the rest of the Republicans who harken back to the days of McCain, W and HW.  We say no more.  We don’t want you in our party anymore.  

Your rich, entitled uni-party mentality is not us.  Reagan gave us a gift, the path and the plan. President Trump Revived it in the form of America First Agenda!

You tarnished it. You are not us. You have misjudged us.  You forgot this! We didn’t join Trump, he joined us. And Stuck with US!

We reject you. 

Not just because you voted against President Trump for a second Impeachment.

Not just because you didn’t wait or bother to hear the evidence or do your own damn research. 

Not just because you sought your own glorification over the American People.

Not just because you betrayed the simple truth that Nancy Pelosi leads a party that is intent on maintaining power no matter how many bodies (as evidenced this last summer) they step over to maintain it.

Not just because you put more faith in Nancy Pelosi instead of our President Trump.

Not just because you seek to purge us from our party.

Not just because you are a sell out.  

No! Not just because of all of those very good reasons.

We reject you because when push came to shove.  America needed a voice of reason to speak up for Trump supporters and President Trump. What did you do? You took the opportunity to try and purge us from the party.   Claiming “Principle”! You piled on the crap. Along with the Democrats.

You miscalculated.

Remember the glee that Comrade Nancy had when she signed the impeachment papers. You are part of the reason why.

So what that you would have lost the vote. It was our battlefield and you abandoned us and joined with the other side. Typical Politicians.

We don’t believe the Impeachment was right. We do not believe Censure was a proper “middle ground”. If you think that either of these was reasonable. Good Bye! As the original Ballistic Patriot would say: “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!”

We’re the party, you are not.  The Rino Rats like Kristol and the war-mongers of the NeoCons and Marxists are looking for some new friends.  They can have you.  We don’t want you.  You’ll fit in fine as they’re aligned with the Democrats, your true party. 

No bold tactic or strategic move here.  Just get out.  Stay out and please stop calling yourself Republicans.  

One last point! When you abandoned us in the fight and threw “Trump Supporters” to the the wolves – we won’t forget that during the primary. You know what else we won’t forget.

President Trump DIDN’T Abandon US! And we will Remember that in 2022 and 2024.