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May 19, 2024

America First Agenda!

Political Retaliation!

Tech Tyranny!

December 29, 2020 President Trump ties the removal of Section 230 to the $2000 payout to individuals.  Over the next several days President Trump pressures the Congress to take this deal.  In the midst of negotiations on the NDAA and the Relief package he sought the relief of the country against the Tech Tyranny. He eventually lost this battle because the Senate went over his Veto and he failed to be able to cut the deal.  Yet, it had been the most successful attack on Tech Tyrants of Twitter, Facebook, etc.   Those Congressional Hearings were show. The opportunity for Politicians to Bloviate and try to pin the Tech Oligarchs down.

Who else has come so close to removing this protection for the Tech Oligarchs?  This protection allows them to avoid getting attacked with slander cases when your neighbor calls another neighbor a “Blah blah blah” with a slice of “Lie, lie lie.”  There would have been case after case, tying up millions of dollars in legal cases to protect of the various Social Media Platforms. Today, it would be hundreds of millions that they would have to spend because they have become so large and have so many users.   

Remember that date, December 29, 2020.  Ignore all other dates.  This is the date that the Tech Tyrants recognized that it was Us (America) or Them (Tech Tyrants) that would survive. Think for just a moment.  What President Trump did with his negotiations was a direct attack against the Social Media Tyrants and their companies.  We know that the “Dear Leaders” of the Tech Monopolies make the policy and political direction for these companies.  Shut down Republicans and promote Democrats.  We know this. This is evident in nearly every political and public statement of the Tech Oligarchs.

The “Nuclear Option”  

Throughout the last four years the “Nuclear Option” available to Democrats in cahoots with these Tech Tyrants was to shut down Conservative voices, starting with President Trump.  They knew that they had to shut down President Trump.  If he wasn’t disgraced on his way out of office.  If he was allowed to continue as a galvanizing force he would continue to make inroads to take away from their power and remove Section 230.   It’s a death struggle to them.  They won’t survive if Section 230 gets put in place.  Every person who has had their account removed or put in Facebook Jail or their account limited would be able to attack these Tyrants for libel, civil rights abuses, etc.   This is a life or death struggle for these Tech Tyrants. 

The Friday Night Massacre of Social Media accounts went off with a list of casualties.  The fact that they were nearly exclusively conservative voices should not be a surprise.  Only those who were Republicans and those who were vocal in support of the President – Deleted.  Those who identified and supported the idea that the election was stolen – Deleted. 

This Friday Night Massacre was retaliation against the President and Republicans because of the very real threat to their corporation.  Not to Democracy, but their companies. The very real threat that Republicans, lead by President Trump would be able to force Congress to remove the protections from Section 230.  They couldn’t let this stand.  They had to react.  And push the Nuclear Option against President Trump.

The Media, along with the Tech Tyrants and the Democrat Marxists worked together to pound through the arguments against Conservatives. For four years Republicans and President Trump have been called every name in the book. We’ve been lied about repeatedly. Our names have been slandered and smeared. Meanwhile, the brutal and violent politics of the Marxists has been on full displayed and ignored by these Elites. This attack on Republicans is no longer Political. It is a full blown attack on American Ideals and Freedoms.

This is not a condemnation or agreement with what happened on January 6. It’s a recognition that the Tyrants of Tech and Democrats would use any crisis as an excuse to attack the President and the America First Movement. The America First Movement and those who support it stand directly opposite of the Marxist tyranny of the left.

Since when did we, as a country allow political retaliation against Political Opponents.  The punishment doesn’t fit the lack of crime. The punishment is meant to attack our Constitution. If they can limit the President of the United States Speech then we are no longer a free country. This is exactly what has happened and is happening.  

What we know is that the President Trump never incited violence against anyone.  Here’s the section from the video where he allegedly “incited” violence (Link).   We’ve entered into Opposite World. Where Peaceful Protests mean calling for Violent Attucks!

I’m not suggesting a conspiracy theory that the democrats, Tech Tyrans or some other malicious group decided to create, manage and direct the core group of attackers on January 6 on the Capitol.  Although that is possible, it is not suggested here. 

What is clear is that the Tech Tyrants and by extension the Democrats are retaliating against the President.  There are a number of Republicans who are aiding and abetting this, as witnessed by the votes and deals against the President in the last two months.  

The new order in the United States. 

Condemn the President and hope that the “tolerant” left will accept you.  Beg forgiveness and make sure you bow before the altar of Communism – I mean Progressivism – which is the same thing.  Ignore the transgressions of our “Dear Leaders” on the left and make sure that you pray to the false god of government.  

Shutting down free speech is only a part of the retaliation for pushing for the removal of Section 230.   Freedom to pursue tyranny is the call of the day.

Understand this for what it is.  We have an civil enemy. It’s not just the Democrats.  The communists are behind our lines working havoc as a fifth column. The destruction of our Liberty Foundation leads to the destruction of America. The Destruction of America would be the greatest Day in the ChiComs History. It would signal world domination. It’s the Elites who run the parties and the Social Media Tyrants working in cahoots who are the fifth column.  As long as they put America Last you and I will never be First.

They welcome Uni-Rule.