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May 19, 2024

America First Agenda!


No matter what happens today, tomorrow or next week, we know a few things that need saying and demand to be changed. Moreover, no matter the outcome, President Trump isn’t done and he won’t -can’t walk away.  It’s not part of his make-up.  He has fought since day one.  In addition, I don’t just mean since he declared his candidacy.  I mean his whole life has been one fight after another. The greatest victories are those that you have the greatest opposition. President Trump’s greatest victories are ahead of him.

First, we know that there is systemic voter fraud.  We know that this fraud has been perpetrated on our society. The evidence is clear with reports from Veritas, front line video reports from concerned citizens and blatant fraud from the vote tally’s of Biden votes while down ballot democrats get crushed. Working in partnership the Media and the Democrat Party worked to steal the election.  By creating an appearance of momentum, they took away the blowout victory that President Trump should have.  Their dual attack on the voting process and the perception war is indicative of their tactics.  Doubt this?  Are you one of those who is trying to curry favor by claiming President Trump is irresponsible in staying in this fight?  If you are – you are wrong.  You have fallen for the same parlor tricks played by the left wing Marxists for decades. I wish it was something new or easily scraped away, but it isn’t.  It’s buried deep within our culture.  

There’s only one way to win a fight in a culture war against an entrenched false culture such as the left.  That victory path is to create an alternative that is representative and true.  This isn’t something subtle.  News outlets such as Breitbart and others are only one part of the equation and a great start.  What is necessary going forward is a spearhead into the culture.  A voice that is able to combat the fake news and the Marxist movies that bow to China and are afraid to speak of American Values, promote the American Dream and attempt to supplant Christ with Communism..  A voice that can push forward where Fox News has failed us. This isn’t just one voice.  It needs to be multiple voices as time moves forward. YES!  It’s President Trump’s voice that needs to move us forward.

The Democrats have made a mistake by attacking and trying to destroy the good name of Trump.  They’ve spent four years lying and twisting the truth to fit their sick narrative for control of our society.  There is a penalty for this.  Just as President Obama mocked Donald J. Trump, private citizen, in front of the media elites.  The penalty was for Ex-President Obama to watch the dismantling of his legacy and the exposure of his criminal behavior by President Trump. 

Well Chuckie Cheese Todd, Jake Crapper and Jim Alcatraz can watch as President Trump creates a media outlet that will blow away your platforms.  Wouldn’t it be great if he expanded into places like movie making and countered the Marxists ideology pushed by an Obama Netflix?  Hell YEAH!

Really, the best revenge would have to be the name of the media empire that President Trump is poised to create.  TRUMP TV!  Yes folks, that’s right TRUMP TV not because it would be something that he solely runs, because he has many capable children and associates who can do that.  Not because he will have a show on it that will blow the ratings away.  None of these! President Trump will do it just so all the media sicko’s would have to see his name climb to the top of every ratings time period.  Show after show on his network would have the network name TRUMP at the top.  What revenge.  Yes, revenge is good, let’s put aside this false narrative that it doesn’t fill you with joy. Look at the ghouls on the left dance and smile, snickering like the bully’s we fought on the playground. Yes, the bully’s.  That’s what they are.  Everyone knows the only way to really deal with a bully is to stand up to that bully! Fight back and make them know you won’t take it.  That’s the only way we can fight back against the creeps. 


Simple, they’re a tool of not only the Marxist left but also the political elites who have abandoned America for their pockets.  Who hate America enough to see it smolder and burn while their investments in other countries, their back room plans and corrupt deals hurt the American worker and families.  Fight Back!   

Of course, there’s always 2024, and having a media empire to counter the caustic and fake media of the left would be a great way for President Trump to ride into Washington.  Getting a second term ala President Grover Cleveland.  An added benefit, America would be able to watch as President Trump drove the economy to Pre-Covid periods from the destructive four years of a Klepto President such as Biden or Harris. 

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