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March 22, 2023

America First Agenda!

Queen Pelosi

What does it look like to be a King, Queen or simply another member of the Aristocracy? 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have so much power that you can do what you want and fear 0 retribution? 

And where does this type of power and authority come from?  History tells us that aristocrats and the Kings and Queens of yore were the ones who had divine authority.  In other words, they believed that they were put on this Earth to be the “savior” of the people in place of Jesus.  

And then there was Pelosi, Murphy, Blackfoot, Pritzker, Cuomo and DeBlasio and a host of other elitists creeps.  These creeps excel at their level of hypocrisy.  At least they’re consistent.  They get that you and I are nothing more than pawns, plebs and peasants.  That they are national figures who need to be stroked and cared for, allowed to break the rules and make fake excuses or simply acknowledge their superiority over the rest of us.  

Remember when Pelosi claimed that “no one was above the law – Not even the President!”  or when she and her Marxist allies tried to shame our President for not wearing a mask.  How many of you have been “Mask Shamed” by people who saw you in the Piggly Wiggly?  How many of those people who shamed you, are going to look at the collection of Democrats and come up with rationales “They were set up!” or “They doing such good work for us they can be allowed to slip.”  or my favorite.  “I’m a national figure.  I need my roots covered over.”  

This is what it feels like to have royalty.We should be angry.  Don’t let those in the media sway you away from that anger.  Embrace it and understand where it is coming from.  It comes from the elitists who want to tell us how to live our life.  The Green New Deal acolytes who look on you as if you are some dumb illiterate hick.  

We have to act now, while we still can.  We have to create our own Media outlets and our OWN MEDIA sources!  Right here and across the nation you can see this happening.  

Let’s RISE UP AGAINST THE hate of the Media and shout our voices louder – NO LONGER THE SILENT MAJORITY!  We say: WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! This November, we will VOTE Republican.  WE WILL FLIP the House and We will Hold the Senate and WE WILL RE-ELECT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!