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December 7, 2023

America First Agenda!

How To Win in November!

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Let’s use the Republican National Convention as our basis.  It was recently told to me that if we could recreate this week, Trump and Republicans would CRUSH the Democrats.  That it would be 1984 all OVER AGAIN! There’s a couple of key points and takeaways from this. 

First:  Yes, President Trump and Republicans need to begin doing these events.  These events have driven the Republican Brand up!  If you listen to polls, which we don’t, you can understand this point.  More importantly to us and from the reaction – you as well.  We have FELT the Republican Brand rise. The pride, the positive message and the feeling that someone(s) were defending and praising our country instead of the I Hate America Club of the other party. 

FIRST (A): Let’s be Clear! This is NOT just for President Trump. Although a victory for him is EXTREMELY important we also need to keep the Senate and RETAKE THE HOUSE! The only way we can do this is by BRINGING the Republican BRAND UP. Not the GOP (The elites of the party!) We need to drive the excitement of the Regular Republicans to vote Republican this Congressional Election!

First (B): To elect President Trump and NOT have a Friendly Congress is to ensure another four years of this fighting and is a WIN for the Democrats because they can pursue their hate agenda against the President which did slow him down from accomplishing even more positive results for our country (Who is NOT surprised that the Democrats are on the opposite side of doing good for America? Raise your hand!)

Second: Let’s put the message aside and instead look at the messengers.  I’m not talking about President Trump.  When he farts, the press reports it.  And they will do it negatively, complaining that he is hurting the environment.  The entire Convention was run, directed and promoted by Republicans.  The detractors were on the outside, looking petty and small- showing who they really are.  Every single night of the week had messengers that weren’t the elites.  They weren’t the Politicians from Washington.  Sure there were some, but did you really connect with them? The answer was maybe.  If you ask the same question about the many ordinary people you saw speaking (Ann Dorn, Nick Sandman, Maximo, etc). Those who spoke or those who stood and talked with President Trump your answer would be “YES, I DID CONNECT WITH THEM!”  A resounding YES!  You connected with them.  You were moved by them.  You felt like they WERE YOUR VOICE!  

Third:  If these types of events are done too often or in the same pattern with the same people it will become boring and unusable.  But that’s not the suggestion here.  We always have to pick up the game and move the bar up.  Here goes.  One night rally’s in a state or a region.  Have individuals from those areas speak, interspersed with people like Crenshaw or Gaetz or any one of the major players who have been clear advocates for President Trump.  With the final speech being something blow out style. Something, sensational! As an added bonus (that is necessary this election cycle), this lets the Party showcase talent in a particular state or region.  Get some of those Congress people who are running against Democrat Incumbents out there on the podium.   The snowball impact will be a rising tide that raises ALL REPUBLICAN BOATS!

Fourth:  One of the key points that made sense and worked well was to have all or most of the speakers at the one podium.  This allowed for a smooth, well manicured and prepared presentation.  The camera shots were solid, and didn’t feel as if it was amateur hour. From a technical experience, this destroyed what the DNC had done. Their in home visits made all of us think that the speakers were sitting in their boxers or shorties. The DNC showed amateur hour while the RNC shined.   And were a professional voice of the American People.  Doing this in a state, holding one in a major venue.  Maybe even allowing a small group of selected supporters into the venue who would be “socially distant”.  Maybe there’s a local contest to help drive up excitement.  Drive people to want to watch or be a part of it.  This is critical.  Hold a contest on a radio or online – have the Trump TV on Facebook live pull names from a pile of ballots.  Sure, it’s showman type of behavior, but it’s also excitement.  And WE ALL FELT THE EXCITEMENT AFTER the RNC was over.  We felt that way because of all those reasons above.

Final Suggestion:  I think a major highlight of the RNC was the President meeting with small groups.  Perhaps President Trump can walk in to an Immigration Swearing-In ceremony and read the oath to the crowd of a hundred.  He can be far enough away to be safe.   This is key: Don’t tell the Press.  Don’t mention it at all. Surprise.  Republican Cameras start to broadcast.  Family and Friends will start going LIVE on Youtube and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watch the numbers climb as the President is seen reading the oath.  Do this, along with some other key events like this – not press reported, not press included but completely by surprise and you will see the excitement.   Where will President Trump show up next?  That will be the question.  Everyone’s (including the Democrats) next question will be:  Guess who isn’t going to show up ANYWHERE?  And we all know the answer to that.  Basement Biden! 

Some suggestions as we close on November. Two a month, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas and New Jersey.

Drive the Excitement! Drive the Election! Win the ELECTION! November is REPUBLICAN RED!